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HVAC Tech Is Becoming Smart

At the 1904 St. Loius World’s Fair, the American public got its first taste of cooled interior air. This was one of the very first instances of air conditioning.

Now, over a century later, HVAC technology continues to revolutionize our lives. You can have your air conditioner activate moments before you get home, an engineer can track a building’s energy consumption, and new environmentally-friendly appliances continue to emerge.

The era of smart HVAC is here. Read on to learn about the advances made in modern HVAC technology and what it means for the future.

Automation for Comfort and Reducing Energy Consumption

Technology allows software designers and engineers to put the power of controlling your home’s HVAC system in the palm of your hand.

Thanks to a host of apps, you can turn on your heater or AC unit without even being present in the home.

For those looking for an even more high-tech solution, you can connect your HVAC system to a geofencing program. With such a program, your HVAC unit will perform your desired action whenever your device gets close to your home.

However, automation can do so much more than keep you comfortable. Many of the most cutting-edge systems make use of various sensors set up around the home.

These sensors can track your movement and only turn on the HVAC system when they detect you moving around your home. This can dramatically reduce your energy consumption.

Heating and Cooling Advancements

New technology gives rise to many exciting new advancements in how you’ll heat and cool your home.

Ice-powered air conditioning is a promising project that uses a frozen tank of ice to cool a building. This technology is still in the development phase, but it could soon change the way you cool your home.

Heat pumps are another modern HVAC advancement. They are some of the most efficient systems on the market and can be used to both heat and cool a building.

Combining multiple fuel sources can make heat pumps even more efficient. By using gas to power the pump at low temperatures and electricity at higher temperatures, less energy is consumed overall.

New Software to Track Energy Consumption

Advancements in HVAC monitoring software will revolutionize the industry for professionals and homeowners alike.

Building Management Systems (BMS) can predict and track the energy consumption of an entire building. BMS experts can use this software to simulate potential solutions relating to HVAC efficiency.

Homeowners can get similar benefits from software like this. You’ll be able to track your HVAC system’s energy usage in real-time, potentially helping you save money on energy bills.

Smart HVAC Is Modernizing the Industry

Everyone relies on an HVAC system to keep them comfortable, and they continue to improve.

Smart HVAC systems can use geofencing and motion sensors to optimize your comfort level. New advancements in heating and cooling technology could potentially change the way your system’s hot and cold air is generated. Finally, new software that tracks energy consumption will benefit everyone from building managers to homeowners.

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