Tuesday, February 20

Importance of Commercial Entrance Mats

What is the first thing we encounter when we enter a shop or a business? The mats. These entrance mats have to endure high foot traffic. The safety of the customers is very important for a business. These commercial entrance mats are also a showcase for your business. People coming from outside have shoes full of dirt, debris, fluids, moisture or even snow. This can cause slips and falls. What impression would your shop/business have if the customers keep tripping? The use of commercial entrance mats offers effective dirt-trapping, portrays a good image of your business, and keeps the building maintenance costs to a minimum.

How do the commercial entrance mats help with accidents?

The absorbent fibers help scrape off the dust, water, dirt, slush, rain, snow, and grass. You won’t see any dirty footprints on the tiles. Mats themselves are often subject to slipping but these commercial entrance mats have a non-slip latex backing that won’t let the mat slip or scuff floors. They are easy to clean, just shake or hose off with water. The commercial entrance mats with logo further allow the mats to be engaging and attractive. You can also use these mats for advertisement and branding.

These mats are further divided into commercial ribbed entrance mats, plain vinyl loop mats, launder entrance mats, and water hog diamond cord mats.

Provides durability both in indoor and outdoor

Commercial entrance mats provide safe entrance but the commercial floor mats provide addition safety inside a shop/business. These floor mats have the same properties as explained above for entrance mats. Both of them are designed for heavy foot traffic areas. So, even if something is rolling across them, they won’t budge. The floor mats are classified depending upon the material they are made from. Some eco-friendly floor mats are also made from recyclable material. They come in different colors, sizes, and designs. You can have a custom floor mat, it can be round, rectangular or even a semi-circular shape.