Monday, June 24

Janitorial Supplies: Vital Tools in the Battle against Bacteria and Viruses

Bacteria and viruses are everywhere. Though people seem particularly concerned about janitorial services alpharetta ga these days, they’ve always been present, outnumbering people by the trillions. At the same time, they lurk in every possible nook and cranny. Some live in the most unexpected places, and they’re the ones that place people in particularly vulnerable positions. Everything from sitting in a chair in a restaurant to grabbing a handrail on your way up a flight of stairs exposes you to germs and allows them to be spread around. While keeping exposure at a minimum takes numerous measures, Janitorial Supplies are among the most important elements in fighting germs.

Hand Soap and Sanitizer

Hand soap is essential in the battle against bacteria. Many types can kill 99 percent of germs to help keep visitors and employees safe. Of course, if soap isn’t readily available, people don’t have the opportunity to use it to everyone’s advantage. That means keeping an ample supply of it on hand is essential. For those times between hand washings, hand sanitizer helps strengthen your defenses as well. If it’s out in plain sight, people are far more likely to use it.


For many people, facial tissues are an afterthought. These days, though, they’re crucial for everything from containing sneezes to blotting up spills. Though having facial tissues in central locations that are accessible to everyone is acceptable, that may not be enough to help control the spread of germs. Ensuring everyone has his or her own box of tissues to draw from might be the better option. That helps keep the number of hands touching each box, as well as the number of germs being deposited on it, to a minimum.

Trash Bags

To some, keeping a steady supply of trash bags on hand is obvious. Others may not believe it’s quite so important. Those in the latter category would be wrong. If germs go into an unlined trash can, they remain there where they can grow and spread. Trash bags contain the germs and go a long way toward preventing illnesses. Though germs can live and reproduce just as easily on liners as they can on the surfaces of trash cans, trash bags allow the germs to be whisked away regularly.

Cleaning Supplies

On top of those other tools, cleaning supplies are essential in keeping bacteria and viruses at bay. They get into corners and crevices where germs are able to hide and thrive despite people’s best efforts to keep them under control. Of course, using products with powerful germ-killing capabilities is crucial. Some cleaners are designed to smell nice and remove stains but do little to eliminate microorganisms. They’re far from being effective at protecting people against exposure to pathogens.

In a Nutshell

Getting rid of all the germs that linger on surfaces and float around in the air is virtually impossible. Still, many measures can be taken to minimize exposure to viruses and bacteria. From hand soap and gloves to tissues and antibacterial cleaners, the tools work in tandem to protect visitors, employees, and others from all the pathogens that lurk in the world around them.