Tuesday, May 21

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Kitchen Remodels

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You’ve finally decided to tackle your big kitchen remodel. Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. You spend time with family there, bonding over home-cooked meals. You entertain guests and host holiday gatherings. Getting your kitchen remodel right the first time around will allow you to enjoy the space for years to come. Here are some dos and don’ts of planning your kitchen remodel.

Do: Think and Test Cabinet Design

One of the largest purchases of your kitchen remodel is likely to be cabinets. It’s important to think through the pain points you experience with your existing cabinetry. Do you lack storage space? Do you have the storage space but it’s too difficult to access? Think about the typical flow you have when cooking in your kitchen. Then create a cabinet design to maximize efficiencies in your workflow. It can help to get a cabinet designer; find one by searching for custom cabinets Milwaukee WI. They can recommend solutions to problems you’re having trouble resolving.

Don’t: Position Appliances Close to Walls

Walls can limit your ability to access your appliances. Placing your refrigerator next to a wall can limit the range of the doors, making it difficult to get larger items in and out of the fridge. The same difficulty can apply to ovens that are tucked into corners. Limited access to your oven could be dangerous if you accidentally drop hot items. Whenever possible, place these larger appliances in the middle of a long open wall. This will give you plenty of access and can improve movement throughout the kitchen.

Do: Add Lots of Light

A welcoming kitchen will have a mix of natural and artificial lighting. Design ceiling lighting to provide bright white light for workspaces. However, you’ll want lighting with a warmer color tone for after cooking. Spotlighting and hanging light fixtures are a great way to bring warm light into the kitchen. If your space allows, consider adding a window or skylight to increase the natural light during the day.

Don’t: Hide Your Waste Bins in a Pantry

Dealing with trash is hardly pleasant. You may want to remove your trash bins from the kitchen to keep things looking clean. However, you might soon find yourself frustrated by this positioning. Instead, consider putting your waste bins in a pull-out cabinet. They will stay close by but hidden until you need them.

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting opportunity to build the kitchen of your dreams. Consider these dos and don’ts when planning your remodel.