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Lofty Ideas: 10 Loft Conversion Ideas With the Wow Factor


More than 50% of people have regrets about buying the home they have in the United States.

Much of these regrets stem from not having enough space or the rooms that they wanted.

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Continue reading to discover some of the best loft conversion ideas that will transform your home and lifestyle!

1. Add Storage Space

One of the most common loft conversion ideas is to create more storage space.

Adding on loft storage space can help reduce clutter in your home and add extra areas to work with. A loft is a perfect spot to store items because it is out of the way and can be organized however you like. If you decide to use this space for storage, try to limit the large and heavy items that you bring up the stairs.

Getting more storage can help when putting away holiday decorations and clearing away clutter.

2. Create a Bedroom

If you are considering attic loft conversions, you might be able to gain an additional bedroom.

Depending on how well the loft is insulated, you can transform this space into a unique bedroom. Most lofts have slanted walls that add a cool style to a bedroom. Whether you want it to be the main bedroom or use it for your child, everyone in the house will be fighting for this space.

Be sure to add a window or more if you are getting a loft bedroom. Windows will help bring in the fresh air and help you take in the views. You can learn about common misconceptions about loft spaces to ensure they will be comfortable.

3. Build an Area for Your Hobbies

If you are dealing with a small loft conversion, you can consider using the space for your hobbies.

Whether you are a painter, crafter, or collector, a loft can provide you with the space that you need. Many people who have hobbies end up using office or kitchen space for storage and creating. Instead of letting your hobbies take over your home, dedicate a space for them!

4. Get a Gym in Your House

Although it is untraditional, you could easily turn a loft area into an in-home gym.

Many people are using their lofts to lift weights, practice yoga, and run on the treadmill. Depending on how large your loft addition is, you can create a perfect gym so that you don’t have to pay monthly fees. If you want to enhance the space, consider installing mirrors on the walls and plenty of fans.

5. Develop a Relaxing Area

If you are looking to add space to your home that is dedicated to relaxation, a loft is perfect.

Lofts are separate from the rest of the house which means you won’t hear the TV in the next room or the kids yelling. Many people recommend designing a loft area with a comfy place to sit and look out the window. You can fill the room up with puzzles, books, and coloring activities to create a relaxing area for the entire family.

Another reason you might want to consider a relaxing loft space is so that you have somewhere to practice yoga and work on meditation.

6. Set Up an Office

Many people are working from home since the COVID pandemic began.

If you are one of these people, you should think about getting an office loft. Putting your office up in the loft space is a great idea. Not only is it away from all of the daily distractions, but it also provides a quiet place to focus.

Turning your loft into an office will require a little bit of work. Make sure that you have a strong enough internet connection that you will be able to take calls and join conferences.

7. Design a Play Room

If your children’s toys are taking over and you are sick of having to put them away every 5 minutes, you should add on a loft.

A loft is a perfect solution to this problem because it creates a space for your children to play in. Giving your kids a playroom can help keep them active and occupied while you are working from home or making dinner. Some people recommend installing chalkboard or whiteboard walls in this space to help engage them.

8. Take in Nature

Lofts provide a perfect space in the home to observe nature and watch thunderstorms.

By installing ceiling windows and wall windows, you can view the stars and storms rolling in miles before they come. If you want to make your loft feel more like the outdoors, be sure to open the windows and add plenty of plants within your space.

Adding a loft can bring you closer to nature without having to go outside. It also gives you a perfect view of your area!

9. Construct an Additional Bathroom

Many people complain that their homes don’t have enough bathroom space for their families.

If you want to add on a bathroom, but aren’t sure where in the house, the loft is a perfect location. You can turn a loft into a luxurious bathroom once you add electrical power and plumbing. Most lofts are smaller than standard rooms, which makes this an ideal space to add a shower, bathtub, and countertop.

10. Grow Your Library

Do you have too many books in your home and have nowhere to put them?

Adding on a small loft to your house can give you a space for these books. A small library is a perfect place to unwind and read at the end of the day. A library is also perfect for the home if you want to provide your children with a space to study and work on homework.

Line the walls with shelves and add in a seating area that will bring people upstairs to read. This is a great way to inspire your family to learn more and enhance their reading skills.

Loft Conversion Ideas for Any Home

If you are thinking about adding more space to your home, you should consider the various loft conversion ideas.

Adding a loft to your home might seem like a small change, but it can have a dramatic difference on your home. Not only can you use this extra space for storage, but you can also use it as a living area or place to work on hobbies.

Lofts offer enough space on your home to incorporate office spaces and libraries where you can easily get your work done. There are many opportunities once you decide on including this addition to your home.

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