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Maintaining Industrial Aircon Systems and Servicing

In general, many businesses have industrial air conditioning systems, to favor an environment of adequate temperature and humidity. Having a bad regulation of these negatively affects both the users and the equipment of the system.

In addition, industrial air-conditioning allows the materials used during production to remain in optimal condition. Its presence is especially important in delicate production processes, such as food or chemical-pharmaceutical ones.

How Air-conditioning Works 

The operation of an industrial air conditioner is not very different from that of a domestic one. Its main function is to process the air continuously so that the temperature and humidity are suitable.

The process begins with the suction of the air coming from the outside through one or more heat pumps. This passes through filters and fans of the treatment unit that sanitize it and regulate humidity levels.

Finally, it is distributed through ducts or through one or more splits, depending on the type of air conditioning installation.

The Importance of Industrial Aircon

As previously mentioned, the presence of industrial airconis essential in certain production processes. Allowing them to be carried out successfully by ensuring compliance with the conditions required by certain products or materials is important.

However, industrial air conditioning also plays a very important role with the people in the facility. A pleasant atmosphere improves the client’s predisposition and makes him feel comfortable and ready to return.

And it is not only important for customers, a suitable temperature promotes the productivity of workers in companies. Through industrial air conditioning, optimal environments are achieved in temperature and humidity, in addition to purifying and sanitizing the air.


The services

In order to guarantee the efficient operation of these processes, periodic maintenance of the ventilation system is required.

We are a specialist company with more than 20 years of experience in industrial air conditioning. Ensuring a quality air in commercial premises, offices, restaurants and different types of business is important. Our effective aircon services maintain a healthy environment, free of germs and in optimal conditions of comfort with proper servicing.

Among the various industrial air conditioning jobs is the installation of air conditioners, repair and maintenance.

How to maximize the life of my air conditioner?


Regular maintenance is the best way to maximize the life of your air conditioner. Also, the more efficiently you operate your air conditioner, the more money you can save on electrical bills and the more comfortable and healthy your home environment will be. 


In addition to the necessary professional review before starting the air conditioner, you can take a few small actions on your part that will help avoid major problems:


  • Keep the area around the outdoor unit free of dirt, leaves and debris. 


  • Keep the indoor unit free of dust, fumes and grease present in the air inside the house. These particles can pass through the indoor air filter and accumulate. This reduces the efficiency of the system and leads to higher energy consumption. 


  • Choose a good air filter and keep it scrupulously clean, especially if you have pets. 


  • And finally, schedule for each summer the maintenance of the air conditioning by a professional.


The visit of the professional maintenance service


Regular maintenance of a well-maintained air conditioning unit will not need much attention, but the unit should nevertheless be inspected by a heating and air conditioning professional twice a year. It is best to request an inspection to repair and clean the air conditioning systems during the spring and also before the winter.