Saturday, April 20

Maintenance and Care Tips to Ensure Good Roof Health

Repair and replacement of roof is quite a costly affair. You will have to put in lots of efforts and money in order to get the roof back in shape after getting damaged. Maintenance and care of the roof at regular intervals will save you from these unwanted expenses. Whatever is the type of roof you are using, here are some easy maintenance and care tips that will ensure that you keep it in good health for longer time. 


  • Inspection and Replacement of Sealant – It is good to act before it’s too late. Keep an eye on the sealant used for the roof. If you find any type of damaged or missing sealant then act fast. This will help you save a lot of time and effort later. If required, replace the sealant completely with the help of roofing contractors. This will increase the life of the roof considerably.



  • Cleaning of Shingles Roofing replacements are mainly triggered due to poor care taken over a period of time. To avoid this, keep it clean all the time. Different weather conditions may result into algae and mold deposition on shingles and other parts of the roof. If possible, keep the roof dry by ensuring proper drainage. Check the shingles for any such wear and tear. If required, go for replacement of the missing or damaged shingles to avoid major roof repairs in future. 


  • Gutter Inspection and Cleaning – Clogged gutters would not just mean water accumulation but it would mean a major damage caused to the roof. Water accumulation in the gutter would eventually make its way through the roof and cause a major damage. Regular inspection of the gutter, especially before monsoon would make sure that the roof won’t undergo water damage. 



  • Rusting of Metal Parts – Metal parts undergo rusting over a long run. For any type of rusting, it is recommended to scrub, apply primer, and finally paint the surface to avoid further damage. 


Save the roof from permanent damage by taking care of these simple things. It will save you a lot of money in future.