Wednesday, April 17

Office Design Trends To Look Out For In 2020

Office design is an ever-changing discipline with trends coming and going. What is popular last year could well be left in the cold this year. The source behind the rapid change in demand lies in business owners seeking to maximise productivity and employee wellbeing. 

Like any other year, 2020 brings about new office design trends. Central to these trends is the aim to place people at the centre of design. In return, employees hope to attract in-demand talent and to retain them.

In this article, we shall list out office design trends that you need to be on the lookout for.

Biophilic Designs Will Be Widely Adopted

Biophilia is a design concept that takes the majority of its inspiration from nature. Many of its forms, shapes and patterns follow those of nature such as honeycombs, waterfalls and forests. The belief here is that people enjoy being part of nature and feel more refreshed when in an environment that mimics nature. 

While the past decade has seen business owners buying into the idea of adding plants to their offices in order to improve the wellbeing of employees. In 2020, we forecast that business decision makers will take this practice to the next level.

Interior designers who follow biophilic designs now advocate for the inclusion of features such as waterfalls, indoor gardens, roof top gardens, natural dividers, wood and stone. These natural features bring nature to employees. When combined with full length windows, your employees will certainly be transferred into an indoor nature hideout. 

Work Meets Play Meets Home

Employees spend an ever-increasing amount of time in the office on a daily basis. As such, offices are increasing the incorporation of residential elements in order to make employees feel at home. The driving force behind this idea is that employees who feel comfortable at their workplace will produce better work.

In following this trend, interior designers are importing amenities such as hammocks, sofas, pantry appliances and napping pods. Furthermore, the usage of artificial turf combined with non-footwear areas enhance the feeling of being at home.

A bonus advantage of using residential elements is that younger audiences are signing up in doves for it. Big tech firms who have being early adopters of such designs are currently high in demand amongst fresh graduates. Certainly, it would seem that employees are highly interested in working at brighter and more fun environments.

Active Working To Boost Employees’ Health

Studies have long shown that employees sticking in their seat and working on their laptop for long hours each day results in declining health. With this in mind, interior designers are introducing active working environments.

A great example of this is adjustable desks that can be placed at different heights to suit the user. For employees who wish to adopt a more active position, they can stand at their desk and raise the desk up and above their waist height. 

Interested in adopting these trends for your office’s design? Enquire with an office interior design Singapore firm today.