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Painting Baby Bedrooms

Painting Baby Bedrooms

Bedrooms are a class apart when painting the interiors of Domestic Buildings. But the usually recommended paint colours for bedrooms fall far short of expectations when doing up a bedroom for children. Since sleep is the primary objective of adult bedrooms, the choice of colours here is usually soothing, cool and sleep-inducing. But the children’s bedroom is not only to sleep in. It is a study room, a games room, a multi-function living room for the children. Modern Interior Designers and Painting Companies understand this special need of children. Favourite paint colours for children’s bedroom are quite different from the favourite colours of Adult Bedroom walls and decor.

The Multi-function Bedroom

Adults use their bedrooms to mainly sleep in, and sometimes to dress up in. But for children, it is the whole world. The children’s bedroom functions in myriad ways for their little inhabitants, such as:

  • Playroom.
  • Study room.
  • Music Room.
  • Art Room.
  • Hobby Room.
  • Chat Room.
  • Clothes Room.
  • Store Room.
  • And finally, Sleep Room.

Favourite Colours

There is therefore a whole slew of colours that are the Favourites of most children. The bedroom colours most beloved of children are:

  • Gender Neutral Colours: These days, Gender Discrimination is on the wane. Girls are encouraged to take up traditional male activities, and vice versa. Bedroom colours have also changed to suit. It is no longer just pink and blue for the girls. They too want strong boys’ colours. And many introverted small boys want quieter “female” colours on their bedroom walls.
  • Study Space Colours: Children who are generally unwilling to study can find encouragement and interest by the bright colours of a Study Space inside their bedrooms. White is neutral and adult, but colours closer to bright red or yellow invigorate the child and encourage the little one to study harder.
  • Wallpapers: Wallpapers can introduce complex and contrasting designs which would be difficult to reproduce for straight painters.
  • Dashes of Colour: Whimsical dashes of colour at the most unexpected places make a bedroom even more interesting for children.
  • Decals: Decals chosen carefully to suit the choice of iconic subjects of the bedrooms adds fresh interest. Decals of Sporting Heroes and Heroines, Actors, Singers, Models, Cartoon Characters, even Animals, and so on motivate little children, and make their bedrooms exciting and inviting.
  • Personalize: The best person to ask which colours to choose must be the children themselves. The finest Painters, Painting Companies and Interior Designers make it a point to ask the Users first.


This has been a fascinating romp through the world of children’s colours. The bedroom is at the heart of children’s presence at home, where they spend most of their time. The bedroom needs to be the most interesting space at home for them to be home-bound. Favourite paint colours for children’s bedroom are therefore a very important subject for children. It takes real painting and decorating experts to choose these colours successfully, for their little Customers.