Wednesday, April 24

Perfect Moving Options: The Right Details

Legal guarantees, insurance, services, prices, etc. Find out what are the main criteria for choosing a professional moving company with my best mover.

Moving company: the selection criteria

A moving company must first comply with the Labor Code. In other words: we must not give in to the sirens of offers that ignore the rules in force, in particular concealed work which is an offense. Why? Because it might well fall on you as well. A company or an individual who calls on a worker illegally, directly or via a third party, is liable to administrative and criminal penalties (up to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros). Choosing the best moving company is important for such options.

So what to do? As soon as an offer to organize a move appears vague or lacking in transparency, avoid always favoring experienced moving companies that respect the regulatory framework. Check in particular that the moving company has the necessary guarantees to carry out this activity in terms of repute and financial capacity. The moving company must prove its correct registration in the trade and companies register (RCS). It must also show you that it is a signatory of the register of road freight carriers.

Branch and professional guarantees: reassuring elements

Other proofs can reassure you such as belonging to the French Federation of Movers (FFD). Being a member of the FFD means that the removal company respects the legal rules. It is also a good way to attest to the professionalism of the company.

Compulsory insurance

Do not hesitate to ask for documents about the various guarantees related to the relocation of companies or individuals. This is particularly the case of the guarantee of breakage and loss of personal effects during the transfer of goods from your home. Some moving companies go further, by taking out professional insurance specific to movers with a large insurance company.

Know the price of a move in advance

So, how do you know the price of a professional mover? Simply by comparing the detailed quotes that we offer you at the end of the online moving quote form. Think first of all about the quality of service after defining your own needs. Because two moves are never the same. Request a quote from Jordan river moving Kirkland.

Ask yourself the right questions?

What is the distance between the address of loading and the address of delivery, what volume of removal is it to envisage, the packing and the unpacking of the objects must it be ensured by the mover, the rental of a lift furniture be considered? Etc. Once the answers are given, then the price of a move can come into play. Again, compare our moving quotes against market prices. Yes, the price of a low cost move can be enough for a small move but should also alert you to the quality of services. A higher moving price may mean that some additional services may be unnecessary.