Friday, June 21

Perfection for the Best of Pools

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Do you have the right to occupy or use your soil as you wish, what maximum height can your shelter reach? Your town hall will be able to inform you about the rules applicable to your project. Visiting the happens to be perfect there.

How much does a swimming pool cost?

  • There are a multitude of models of swimming pools and their prices are also varied. It mainly depends on the size of the basin and its type: buried or above-ground.
  • For an above-ground pool, you will find entry-level items from € 3,000.
  • For a kit swimming pool, which you will assemble yourself, plan at least 6,000 to 15,000 €, depending on the quality of the pool.
  • Inground pools , on the other hand, necessarily cost more. Count between 10,000 and 65,000 € approximately, with an average of 25,000 €.

That’s about the price of a new car. But be aware that, unlike your vehicle, installing an inground pool is a real investment in the short and long term. Indeed, some properties with a pool can be sold 5 to 20% more expensive than other similar properties without a pool.

The best location for its pool

Before planning any work, ask yourself where the best location for your pool is. Here are some parameters to keep in mind:

Opt for a sunny place , to bathe, it is also the ideal time to enjoy the sun and take a few colors. In addition, without the sun, a cold quickly arrived. Protect yourself from the wind. A swimming pool located in the direction of the prevailing winds is a swimming pool which will have to be cleaned more often. Indeed, the wind carries the leaves and other dust directly into the pool.

Place your pool away from prying eyes. To be able to enjoy your moments with family or friends, it is essential to maintain your privacy. If you have a garden at the back of your house and another at the front with a view of the street, prefer the rear garden so as not to attract curious eyes from the neighborhood.

Your pool, to enhance your property and provide you with maximum comfort, must also be in harmony with the environment that surrounds it. Do not sacrifice your garden to have the largest pool possible. Adapt your pool to the space available and the style of your home.

Finally, don’t forget that a swimming pool may require a technical storage room. Leave enough space so that it does not spoil the landscape, but do not install it too far from the pool to have everything at hand.

Define its uses upstream of the project

Means of relaxation, or to stay in shape, whatever your vision of the pool, it is essential to define the use you want to make of it to know what type of installation to choose.