Wednesday, April 17

Pet-Friendly Ideas to Encourage Play Outdoors

Make your yard into an oasis that is drool-worthy with some animal-friendly and simple ideas.

Having a pet-friendly yard means your cats and dogs…another other family pets can have fun outdoors that you know it is safe. When your yard is set up to be kind to animals, it encourages them to relax, sleep and eat outside, especially when the sun is shining.

It’s not uncommon for Australians to include pet-friendly modifications when renovating their yard. It’s not surprising, as pets become part of the family that Aussies are making space for their pets to run and play. They also include toxin-free plants and fenced off areas, so they know their pets are safe when they aren’t in the yard with them. Read ahead and find out some other great outdoor ideas that are pet-friendly.

1.Spaces for running and playing

It really doesn’t matter what type of pet you have – cat’s, dogs, rabbits – they all love to run around. Having plenty of space for them to do so makes for a happy pet. If you need an enclosed space, this can be done by creating a fenced-off corridor around the perimeter. This can be done by connecting the front and back so they can do full laps around the house. The best surface for this is an artificial lawn as it is durable and lasts a long time. Real turf is more likely to break down from repeated use.

  1. Synthetic grass installation

Synthetic grass is super friendly for animals, particularly dogs and cats. It not only suits animals but also family-friendly making it a perfect grass option for everyone that lives at home. If you have limited space or your grass keeps dying from your large dog running about, artificial lawn means your outdoor space remains pristine while your pets keep having a whole heap of fun. Less upkeep is excellent too, so you spend more time with your pets and less time mowing the lawn. The bonus is, it doesn’t harbour any fleas or ticks.

  1. Fenced spaces

Depending on who is living with you – young children, frail elderly – or perhaps you have quite a large dog, sometimes you may need to fence off an area. This will mean keeping your overzealous pooch away from relatives or children without supervision.

Another great idea is fencing off a spot for your pet to do their ‘business’. You can train them to use this particular area which could be a corner with pebbles or artificial lawn that makes cleaning up very simple. If you have cats, you won’t have to train them as they are very private about toileting. They will seek out loose dirt that they can easily scratch away at.

  1. Be safe with toxin-free plants

Some plants can be quite deadly to animals because they are poisonous to them. They like to nibble on greenery, which is why you should always ensure that your garden is free of plants that have toxins.

For cats, the lily is quite toxic and incredibly devastating. Whereas sago palm can kill both dogs and cats. There are plant guides available to you can seek out to ensure that you plant safe plants for your beloved pets.

  1. Shelter

A shelter must be provided outdoors for your pets, especially if they are outside most of the time. What type of cover you provide depends on the climate in which you live. If you live in a cold climate, a cat run, or dog house will be needed to keep them warm. They love having space to get cosy and to snuggle up.

  1. Paths for exploration

Animals love exploration, and one way to do this is by providing pathways from them to run around and discover things. They create direction for them to follow.

You must ensure that the materials you use are pet-friendly, this means:

  • Avoiding sharp stones;
  • Use artificial grass;
  • Gravel and wood chips are kind to their paws; and
  • Flat pavers are great for pets walking on.
  1. Protect your edibles

It’s no secret that animals love to explore, especially your herb and vegetable garden. The last thing you want is for them to do their business in your edibles. Fencing off this part of the yard will ensure that little, and big paws keep out of your garden and don’t trample, scratch or eat your veggies that you have worked hard at growing.

  1. Keep fresh water on hand

If you want your pooch to spend time outside, particularly during the summer, then you need to have fresh water on hand for them, especially if you aren’t at home. While we don’t recommend leaving them out in scorching heat, your pets need easy access to dishes of water, especially something that refills on its own – a regulated dripping tap or bubbling foundation. While a lot of people don’t include this in their yards, with the heat of the Australian sun, it is an option that more pet owners should consider.

  1. Create distractions

Do you have an animal that likes to scratch and dig holes in the yard? Or perhaps your kitty scratches your fly screen door? Keeping your pets occupied outdoors will distract them from all the digging and scratching. Giving your pooch a ball or rubber bone, and even an obstacle course will keep them occupied while you can’t play with them.

Having a tree in your yard with a ladder or ledges will give your kitty somewhere to climb and hopefully distract it from scratching your back door.

  1. Get Creative

You are only limited by your imagination! There are so many things that can be done to modify your yard to make it pet friendly while you still have space for yourself. Some fun ideas can include a paddling pool for hot days, a dining area or a running track. While these are just some extra ideas, don’t forget the dog or kitty door so they can get in and out of the house to enjoy everything you have modified for them to enjoy the space.