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Rugs are the most important part of the bedroom for this the bedroom will look more furnished and mostly all people used rugs in their bedrooms as well as in their TV lounge. Rugs and carpets are the same but rugs are in the form of small pieces and carpets are in the form of a large piece for the whole bedroom but the stuff of rugs and carpet are the same. And we can use rugs in place of carpet in the middle of the room and it also looks quite beautiful and presentable.

ITC’s natural luxury flooring has done a lot of effort in their work and for the success of their business. They have a lot of varieties of carpetand rugs of different stuff and people had trust in their working and the quality of their product and their business are increasing day by dayand got success in all around the world. 



  • Wool rugs 
  • Cotton rugs


Wools rugs have a lot of varieties and mostly wool rugs are used all around the world. ITC natural luxury flooring has to make varieties of carpet in wool stuff with different designs and people too much buy this and like to buy for their bedroom to décor it. It also have a lot of different styles and shapes and in Pakistan the usage of rugs is very high especially in summer people did not use beds. They like to put rugs on floor and sit on them. There are a lot of different quality of rugs but the best quality of rugs are wool rugs and demand of wool rugs is              also very high.




Cotton is another stuff of rugs and it is not similar to wool rugs both are different from each other. Rugs are not only used in the house it should also use in schools hospitals and offices. Rugs enhance the beauty of the room and look more beautiful. We also use rugs according  to the seasons in summer we used cotton rugs with light colors and in winter wool rugs with different shades and color are very common. For more visit here.



  • Reduced noise
  • Comfort
  • Warmth in winters
  • Effective look



Rugs will also reduce the noise and it can change the look of the room and the beauty of the room with an increase. If your room is empty you should put rugs on the floor they will reduced the noise.


Rugs give us too much comfort specially for children’s because t6hey usually play in floors and the parents also prefer for children’s to play inrugs because due it protect children from serious injuries. Is also beneficial for those who did not feel comfort to sit in chair or bed while studying. And sometime doctor recommend some people to sit on floor instead of bed or chair.At Last rugs are very helpful for them and also for the home animals because kids need to sit on smooth place and they also sleep their and also want to eat over their they can do anything on rugs and it is saved for them and they also save with harmful germs and pets also feel save in rugs and they can safely walk over their pets and kids both are very innocent and polite so they need a safe place for enjoyment and rugs is very save for both of them.


The other benefit of rugs are that they warm the room and on those places where we put rugs. It give us heat also. As we all know that we need heat in winter. And a lot of use of heaters is also dangerous in number of ways and so we use rugs in different rooms for the purpose of heat.


It also create a good impression when someone enter in your house. It can enhance the beauty of room. Due to this the room will look well furnished. If we use light color of rugs in your rooms it shows more impressive. It also protect the floor and cover your floor from dust.