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Printing Photos on Different Panels

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Panel photo printing allows you to use your favorite photos or images to create original and unique decoration accessories. You can begin printing photos on wood panels to decorate the rooms of your house or those of offices, hostels, restaurants and any other space that you want to customize.

Canvas Paintings

The canvas paintings look like authentic works of art, thanks to the use of a natural cotton pictorial fabric treated for Latex printing and mounted on a wooden frame. Alternatively, a satin effect polyester fabric with a silk-like consistency can be chosen. The canvas paintings are perfect for customizing the walls of the house or office.

Photo Frames

The printing photos on wood panels for photographs in Kapatex or Kapaplast material, is a rugged touch material that mimics the weft of a canvas, while Kapaplast is a smooth surface and opaque finish material. These printing photos on wood panels are very light and wear resistant.

Wall Frames with Tensioned Fabric

Wall frames with stretched fabric are photo panels made of polyester that can be printed in high definition with Latex technology at 1200 dpi. They come with Keder, a transparent PVC frame that facilitates its installation, and with an aluminum structure for wall mounting.

The Different Types of Photographic Panels

To choose the most appropriate type of material for printing your photos on the panel, it is necessary to know the different types of materials available to print images in high definition:

  1. Photo Printing on Acrylic Panels

Acrylic is a rigid semi-expanded PVC plastic material. It is a very easy material to work: it can be cut any way you want and drill and mount on the wall easily and quickly. Thanks to its low weight, Acrylic panels can be easily transported and are widely used in the commercial and advertising field due to their excellent value for money. They can have different thicknesses and colors, and a matt or glossy finish.

You can choose to print photos on an acrylic panel if what you are looking for is a suitable material to create large-format advertising and informational posters, table displays and plates to decorate offices, shops and museums. This material can also be used for outdoor fences, but in that case the color will fade after a few years due to the effect of UV rays.

  1. Photo Printing on Aluminum Panels

Aluminum photo printing is ideal for those looking for a non-deformable material and resistant to atmospheric agents, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Aluminum, consisting of two rigid aluminum sheets and a black polyethylene plate inside, is a sturdy, elegant and modern looking material. It supposes a cost superior to the panels for photos of Acrylic plex, but allows to obtain impressions of superior quality.

The printing of photos on an aluminum panel is widely used to decorate artistic and photographic exhibitions, and to create signs in the advertising and exhibition sector, although it is also used to create design photo frames for houses.