Thursday, February 22

Problem Solving Techniques to Fix Air Conditioner Light Blinking

In troubleshooting terms, almost all air conditioning models include various lights that may blink whenever there will be a problem with the air conditioning unit. When there is any problem with the air conditioner, it is critical to take care of it.

An aircon light is blinking on the unit indicates that something is definitely wrong with the air conditioner. Therefore, whenever you notice a blinking light, you should investigate the underlying cause as soon as possible.

Fortunately, some simple troubleshooting techniques are available, that you can use for identifying the causes of the light of your AC unit blinking and you need to fix them on your own.

When the light in your AC starts blinking, then the first and most important thing to do is turn off the MCB in your AC and then turn it back on. If there is no loose connection then your AC will begin its normal operation.

Circuit breakers are used in the majority of modern wiring systems. As a result, it is also necessary to ensure that the breaker has not tripped and, there is a fuse to replace and reset your breaker. You should also inspect your wiring connection to check for any loose connection on the unit. If there is a loose connection, reconnect the wires, but if you do not know how then call a technician.

If you notice your air conditioner’s lights blinking, several factors could be to blame. Before calling a technician, here are some minor fixes you can try to solve a few of these issues. However, if you discover that the issue is more complex then, it is best to call in a certain expert to avoid the situation from getting worse.

Examine the cooling levels of the air conditioner, as this could be related to your light blinking. If the temperature drop of the system is less than 18 degrees for older systems, you may have a refrigerant level problem. A low refrigerant charge can often be the cause of insufficient cooling and blinking of the air conditioner light.

It can be useful in determining your aircon error code for air conditioner remote that include a test button, such as Samsung air conditioners. Once you have identified the error code, go through the manual to determine the reason for the blinking light.

You can also send your code to the website of company or a website forum for air conditioner repair, and with luck, you may possibly determine what is the reason for the light blinking problem. If your remote control does not have this button, try pressing a few combinations of buttons at the same time. The sequence of pressing the buttons will always be listed in the manual.

A few other causes of AC light blinking, e.g., a faulty circuit board, are more complicated and should be handled by any technician. However, a blinking light is usually an indication that your unit must be serviced. Often you may get a bright idea from any of your Pinterest friends too.

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