Thursday, June 13

Public Garden Vs. Private Garden

A garden is a land where plants are grown for ornamental purposes. To differentiate if a garden is public or private, we must look at its use and property ownership. A private garden will have exclusive use for its owners, while a public garden belongs to the Administration and is accessible to all, with a series of regulated benefits.

Due to the different uses and dimensions of the spaces, we can observe the differences that arise and their impact on the designs.

Public Gardens

A public garden is as necessary as the sewers or the lighting of a city because it improves the people who live in it. Cities evolve and grow at great speed, making the surrounding natural landscape disappear. To compensate for this, green areas are created that fulfill the following functions:

Ornamental, it is essential that at the urban design level, there are green areas that offer spaces to reduce the stress of the city, places of rest in the open air in contact with nature, spaces for contemplation, and that provide beauty.

Recreational gardens and parks are multifunctional spaces to exercise, play, and spend a pleasant time away from the city’s noise.

Bioclimatic, these green spaces manage to improve the climatic conditions. They act as an urban lung and regulate the air, reducing environmental pollution, dampen noise, house trees, shrubs, water sheets, etc. that make up a small refuge in the city for local fauna, increasing biodiversity.

The design of this type of garden is usually directed by landscapers, professionals who specialize in creating parks and gardens. In this case, they work for the relevant Administration and design and plan said spaces with intentionality.

It is essential to consider the maintenance of the space and provide the personnel and material that they need for it. These gardens are hectic, so resistant materials and plants must be chosen to minimize care and remain in good condition in the long term.

Private Gardens

Private individuals own private gardens. They are generally smaller spaces and are attached to the house.

These gardens, being smaller spaces, seem more comfortable to design, but, on the contrary, designing in small spaces, taking into account the needs of the owners is not a trivial task, and that is why it is increasingly common to hire a professional to create, remodel or add elements to the garden.

Unlike with public gardens, we will have more freedom when designing. There will be limitations in terms of space, climate, and geography that we must consider, but we can distribute and create a garden according to our specific needs.

The options for a private garden are endless:

A relaxation space where you can contemplate the nature of your garden, read and rest.

Create an ecosystem and contact with nature, for example, a fountain, sheet, or pond with fish.

Enter a recreational area where children can play, play sports or cool off in summer.

You can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the garden; you will only need a good porch with fine furniture.

If you come up with ideas and you don’t know how to bring them to reality, a commercial landscape company will help you develop them so that you can enjoy the garden of your dreams.