Tuesday, May 21

Risk-Free Window Cleaning Through Extendable Water-Fed Poles 

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It is important for windows to be cleaned on a regular basis to get a better view of the outdoors and to prevent dirt and grime from covering its surface. In order to get the job done right, it is important to hire a professional window cleaner that can produce satisfactory and long-lasting results. The good news is there are modern methods of window cleaning that eliminates the need for ladders and scaffolding. 

The use of ladders, suspended platforms or scaffolding is not prohibited by health and safety laws but there are better low-risk and safe options for tasks like window cleaning. The height of the building increases the risk faced by the window cleaners. The bucket and mop method has been replaced by new technology to minimize the risks of working at great heights. 

The extendable water-fed pole allows efficient window cleaning from ground level to a height of 50 feet. The longest pole measures 70 feet and can reach the windows of a 6-storey building. The pole cleans the window through a soft filament brush at its end. The brush agitates the dirt off the window before it is rinsed with purified water. Purified water, not ordinary tap water, is pumped up on the poles to ensure that no marks will be left when the water dries. 

Purified water is a product of reverse osmosis and deionization technology. All traces of impurities and dissolved minerals are removed from tap water to produce a smear-free, filmless window surface. Purified water is more aggressive than tap water making it a more efficient option to remove dirt and dust on the window glass. 

To achieve a 100% spotless and sterile window glass, professional window cleaners often consider the condition of the glass and the window frames. There are instances when 2 to 3 cleans are required to remove all the deposits from around the frames. The need for detergents and cleaning chemicals are eliminated when purified water is used to clean windows. 

When the window cleaners use the extendable water-fed poles, frames and window sills are cleaned simultaneously with the glass. The pole reaches heights and angles that cannot be accessed through a ladder. This ensures that all windows are cleaned efficiently even the Georgian-style windows that are usually avoided by some window cleaners. After the windows have been rinsed, they are left to dry naturally. Water spots are eliminated because no solids are dissolved in the water. 

The absence of soapy residue on the windows allows them to stay cleaner for long. Some detergents and chemicals used in window cleaning can rot the window seals and reduce their life span. The need to replace windows is minimized because window frames are free from permanent staining caused by detergents and the minerals in tap water.