Friday, June 21

Should You Get A Digital Door Lock For Your Home?

The concept of doors has existed for thousands of years, and it continues to develop, especially over the last couple of years. The addition of ‘digital’ to a door lock comes from global technological advancement and never-ending innovations.

Electronic door locks, unlike regular doors, have a locking mechanism that involves an electric current. A digital door lock can be opened and closed once it has received the necessary electric current.

If you still have doubts about getting a digital door lock for your home or office, knowing the pros and cons of owning one helps you weigh your options and make an informed decision. Keep reading to learn what the advantages and disadvantages are.


Pick Proof

Since most electronic door locks have no place for keys, that only means there is no chance of picking the locks. No one can break through and enter your premises with bobby pins, as you have seen in many action movies.

No Keys Needed

Another advantage of owning a digital door lock is no need for keys. If you are someone who often misplaced keys, you will never need to find any keys if you have this kind of advanced door.  After all, you only need to input the set code and viola—your digital door lock will open.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Electronic door locks are more aesthetically pleasing than standard doors. No metal bar that hangs into the regular doors that clunks when someone bumps into it.

Allow Guests To Access 

Your pets may be starving at home if you are working late. You can phone your relatives and provide them with the access code to your digital door lock so they can access your home instead of having them come to your office to pick up your house keys.

More Privacy, More Private

If you do not like others flying into your things, your bedroom can get this lock in Singapore. Whether you live with other family members or have a guest visiting, you can guarantee that your belongings inside your bedroom are safe and sound.


Can Be Hacked

Like other digital devices, electric door locks are susceptible to hacking. You can expect it will happen more often if you use standard codes like 12345 to access your home.

In that case, think of a code that is out of the ordinary. As much as possible, try not to use the birthday of your loved ones since hackers will typically input that.

Possible To Forget The Code

Another disadvantage of a digital door lock is that you and your family members might forget the code, causing you to be unable to open the door. The only way to prevent that from happening is to use a code that is memorable to all of you and that no one else knows.

Where Should You Get A Digital Lock With Affordable Promotion?

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