Sunday, June 23

Signs of a Damaged Roof After a Storm

One of the first things any homeowner must do following a storm is to check for roofing damage. Even when you’ve got no observable water in your house, roof damage is still a possibility. Try to evaluate the state of your roof from ground level for safety reasons. Rain is not usually sufficient to harm a structurally sound roof by itself, but flying debris or hail can cause significant destruction. There are different types of storms that can cause damage in Bountiful, Utah. Here we will talk about the signs from wind storms.

Damaging winds are categorized as those exceeding 50 mph. Destruction from wind is related to over half of all severe weather incidents. Here are some signs that you can look for to see if a strong wind harmed your roof.

1. Loose debris

Any loose debris that you detect around your yard in Bountiful, like garbage or outside furniture, may indicate something struck on your roof through high winds. Clear debris away when you can to minimize danger and search for characteristic broken shingle patterns to assess impacts.

2. Shingles missing

Shingles that are old or deteriorated are likely to go missing during a storm with high winds. Most roofing manufacturers cover severe winds in their warranty, but the estimated wind speed a roof may survive is based on a new, well-maintained roof.

3. Visible Water Infiltration

Most visible leaks that permeate through to the ceiling of homes are the direct consequence of wind damage. In these cases, shingles and roof underlayment are jeopardized. When jeopardized, it allows water to flood into your home’s top floor in Bountiful, Utah.

It is not simply water driven by high wind that hurts a structure. Standing water, even at small amounts, can cause harm. So, it is important to analyze your home and environment carefully even after the storm dies down.

4. Loss of Granules

Granule loss is common, especially with a brand-new roof. This indicates where the shingle seal has been broken. Granules rub off as shingles flap at the end and come into contact with other surfaces. Normally this occurs when the roof gets old, but with strong winds, it can lead to granule reduction.

Fixing your damaged roof after a storm in Bountiful, Utah, is vital to protecting your home. To begin that process, get in touch with a specialist today.

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