Tuesday, May 21

Slide and Shut: My 4 Handy Tips for Sliding Glass Window and Door Maintenance

In my experience, sliding glass doors are an excellent addition to any residence. Not only do they allow natural light and air to flow freely throughout my home, but they also extend living spaces into the outdoors. However, if I want the exterior elements of my home to last, they will always require some effort and maintenance. A sliding glass patio door in Singapore is no exception, and common issues such as derailed doors, clogged and sticky tracks, and worn-out rollers can be a source of difficulty.

Here are clever maintenance tips for your sliding window and glass door.

1. Inspect Thoroughly

While I was cleaning my windows and sliding glass doors, I thoroughly inspected them. Because a house can settle and because temperature changes will cause natural expansion and contraction in my house’s sliding slots, I took this precaution. It can cause the window seals to fail, rendering my home no longer waterproof.

In my experience, these gaps resulted in air leaks, which increased my energy bills and allowed water to enter through my sliding window in Singapore. Once I noticed that the caulk at the joints was beginning to fail, I replaced it and fixed any misaligned windows. Over time, even a tiny leak can cause significant damage. Therefore, if you observe discolouration, this indicates a leak that requires immediate attention.

2. Observe Proper Lubrication

Caution: I do not lubricate my windows or sliding glass doors with petroleum-based products. In addition to ruining the finish, the oil will attract dirt, dust, and debris to my new furniture. I opted for a silicone-based lubricant that was oil-free and available at my local home improvement store. Then, I sprayed the track with a light coating and repeatedly opened and closed the window or sliding glass door to distribute the lubricant evenly. This application improved the operation of my sliding window in Singapore.

3. Wipe Down the Door/Window Frame

Washing the frames in my glass curtain in Singapore keeps them clean and prevents weathering damage to the outer frame seal. And after a light dusting with warm, lightly soapy water. All my sliding doors are clean. Because harsh chemicals can damage the finish on my door frames, I refrained from using them. And for sliding doors with a wooden frame, I recommend re-varnishing the wood once the original varnish begins to wear away.

4. Clean the Sliding Track

I’m knowledgeable that homeowners’ dirty shoes, children’s crumbs, and pet hair cause excessive wear on sliding patio door tracks. However, my sliding glass window is also subject to seasonal temperature extremes and wind-borne debris. I recommend monthly cleaning of the tracks and rollers. First, I used a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and loose debris. And with a solution of warm, soapy water, I rid dirt from my window tracks. I took my time and used a butter knife to clean crevices and inaccessible areas. To my surprise, an old toothbrush is an excellent tool for removing fine dirt from my door tracks’ tiny cracks.

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