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Some of the Different Types of Plumbing for Outdoor Showers

Your plumbing needs for an outdoor shower will depend on the location of the outdoor shower and also whether you prefer your fixture to be portable or permanent. Most of the outdoor showers are made that are enjoyable, practical, and attractive additions for your home. Besides that, they can also add value and beauty to your property.

However, the installation process of such outdoor showers can either be straightforward or challenging, based on your plumbing requirements. As a result, there can be different installation alternatives for the water supply of your shower.

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  • Cold-water plumbing

If you need a shower facility only for summer season, then this setup will need a simple garden hose in between your faucet and shower fixture. You can attach tubing of durable stainless steel or brass at the end of the hose, and suspend it from a certain height.

  • Hot and cold water plumbing

You can place it almost anywhere in the garden, which will be a semi-portable outdoor shower having both hot and cold water. If your fixture has a single, mixed-temperature control, then proper safety codes will be required for installing an anti-scald valve.

  • Fixed plumbing pipes

Investing for fixed plumbing pipes will be worth it only if you can anticipate regular and consistent use of your outdoor shower, and that will not be used for just cleaning up after spending a hot day under the sun.

  • Winterizing an outdoor shower

If you want to install a permanent shower in a cold-weather climate location, then you will need a frost and also rust-proof fixtures so that it can endure for months of freezing temperatures outside.

Few different outdoor showers

Plumbing Needs for an Outdoor Shower

The following are a few best ideas for outdoor showers that you can consider for your home.

  • Surfboard outdoor shower

You can always make better use of your outdoor shower by using a surfboard that will be used as a springboard for your shower. You may have to carry out a few modifications or two for accommodating a shower valve and also a showerhead.

  • The metal outdoor shower enclosure         

You can select between one, two, or three walls based on how much privacy you will prefer for your outdoor shower. You could also add a door to your outdoor shower enclosure if you prefer. Doing so may just remove your notion that this is your cost-friendly exercise.

  • Exposed outdoor shower

Your dream can become a reality by using an exposed outdoor shower on your outside of the house. This can work well only if you have your existing pipe fitting attached to any wall on the outside of the home, and also have water line access.

  • Natural outdoor shower

In case, you have access to a tree in the garden area then you can attach a shower head to your garden hose. From there, you can position it on a branch, which sits at a suitable height.