Friday, June 21

Synthetic Grass Design Adds Appeal

Have you seen the unusual and playful designs for a synthetic grass installation? This super design idea may be best known for children’s playgrounds, but it shines in other creative projects as well. ForeverLawn Bellevue provides full service synthetic turf products and installations including for your unique projects.

As an example, the Gateway shopping mall and park of Salt Lake City features synthetic grass swaths designed to flow down concrete stairs and surround a splash pad. A combination of sharp angles and curves of green creates visual interest and practical play areas for running kids. And the material beautifully manages water and friction to reduce slip hazards.

Playground Grass by ForeverLawn is a durable, beautiful synthetic grass that is not only cost-effective but safer to play on. Other ForeverLawn products like Splash Grass are designed for water parks and include features like flow-through backing.

Other unique ideas for synthetic grass installations are life-sized board games. Giant chessboards are an amazing addition that spark customers’ imaginations at agritourism businesses such as farm-style B&Bs. Simple squares of turf and concrete tile fit together into a board for thrilling games of life-size chess or checkers. Gaming ideas are endless, but you might also consider hopscotch and shuffleboard. Players really “get into” the game! Corporate break areas also benefit from lawn games and outdoor exposure, but the key to using synthetic lawn is that it handles weather and heavy traffic with minimal upkeep. And, ForeverLawn products’ permeability is designed with vertical drainage to allow rainwater to easily filter back into the water table.

Ingenious uses of synthetic grass installation are also part of the recycled materials future in public art and community spaces. Consider Staedel Museum in Frankfurt’s installation of skylights in a basement space covered from above with synthetic lawn. Almost 200 circular skylights cover a grid across synthetic grass that cools the space below. Natural light filters down into hall and an artificial hill above is a domed ceiling below. ForeverLawn uses less water, eliminates pesticides and fertilizers, and provides effective erosion control. For above spaces like rooftops, this means less water leakage and cleaner features like skylights!

ForeverLawn Bellevue believes that a superior installation ensures our products look their best and perform to your expectations. Our grass has a 10-year warranty—the best in the industry. We recommend and follow a 10-step process to install synthetic grass products and can work with a landscape designer for your inspired installations.