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The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Smart Home System Simple

When it comes to choosing the best smart home system, there are a lot of factors you may need to consider.

While it can be incredibly satisfying to automate a number of tasks and times in your day, ensuring all your devices work together smoothly and efficiently requires planning even before you start buying the smart gadgets that will manage your home.

To aid with this planning and help you make the best choices on that path, we have put together a brief guide below, so keep reading.

Choose an Ecosystem

The heart of any smart home is its ecosystem and right now, there are three clear leaders in the smart device market.

You will need to choose between building your smart home with a Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit if you want the best variety and simplest connectivity for your smart home.

Each comes with its own pros and cons;

Google Nest

Easily the best voice assistant driven by the powerhouse tech giant that is Google. Where Siri and Alexa may not recognize a more casual voice command, Google is very robust and capable of providing a wide variety of results.

With Google Assistants being readily available on Android devices, this also stands out as an excellent choice if your home has more Android devices than Apple.

Amazon Alexa

It is fair to say that Amazon has really driven smart technology development forward with its extensive range and affordability and both of these qualities are reflected in their compatible products.

This is likely the cheapest way to automate your home, especially when you consider how many products are part of big sales events like Prime Day and Cyber Monday.

What you will notice is lacking is the integration with your phone. There are apps that you can download and manage the devices through those but when using a phone as your hub, it isn’t ideal.

Apple HomeKit

Now, drawbacks to an Apple Smart Home, you will need a HomeKit to control your home remotely, it is the most limited in the range of connective products and Siri is the least developed Voice Assistant.

All of that being said, this is still an excellent option if you have a lot of Apple Products… and a fair amount to spend.

All of the premium high-end smart products are supported and because it’s Apple, they work extremely smoothly. It is also the most secure network of the three so that is a huge benefit.

Speaking of Security…

Smart Homes are about a lot more than smart home lighting and smart home doors. You need to ensure that while upgrading how intelligently your home behaves and interacts with you, you also have the best home security possible.

Luckily, you can make these smart devices increase the overall security by integrating a system like Total Connect. In fact, adding to the security of your home with a smart home system may improve your home appraisal value.

Choosing the Best Smart Home System

When it comes to picking the best smart home system, it’s likely a choice you’ve already made based on devices you currently own. Look at the devices you have and what is available from that provider. Then start setting up a secure smart home today.

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