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The Complete Entertainment Center Cable Management Guide

Did you know that the home entertainment center industry is projected to grow by almost $3 billion over the next four years? Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, home theater systems have grown increasingly popular.

A big part of having a great home theater is having good cable management. It helps with your home organization and keeps things from becoming cluttered.

But what should you do in order to keep your home theater organized? What are some good cable management tips? It’s a good thing you asked because you’ve come to the right place for answers to your questions.

Continue reading to learn more about cable management for the smart homeowner.

Get the Right Size of HDMI Cables

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to cable management is cords and cables that are far longer than necessary. This creates not only a cluttered home theater, but it creates a tripping hazard for your family and your guests.

Most entertainment systems these days use HDMI cables to connect devices to the screen, but the ones included with your equipment might not be suited for the task.

If they’re too short to stretch the distance you need them to cover then they’re pretty useless, but cords that are too long are also frustrating.

If you need to purchase new HDMI cables then it is important to know that brick and mortar stores will charge you an arm and a leg. Consider getting your replacement HDMI cables through an online store.

There is a wide variety of lengths of HDMI cables available online for fair and reasonable prices. A good approach to take in order to determine the lengths you need is to use a tape measure to figure out the distances they’ll need to cover.

Find an HDMI cable that gives you a bit of slack but that won’t be so long that it is dangling or tangling. If you’re finding that you have too much slack, you should consider getting a floor grommet for your home.

Consider Right Angle HDMI Adapters

Right angle HDMI adapters are necessary depending on where you want your TV in your home theater setup. If it is up against the wall and the HDMI inputs are on the backside of the TV then these are a great investment.

They’ll allow you to plug HDMI cables into the back of your TV either straight sideways, straight up, or straight down. Do everything you can to prevent bending or kinking HDMI cables in order to prevent breaks in the wiring.

Cable Ties

Cable ties are another great investment to make when it comes to cable management for your home’s entertainment system. This is especially true if you have more than one device running to your television.

The best use for cable ties is to prevent annoying tangles with wires running to and from your TV. These ties cinch closed and hold your wires and cables in place for better home organization.

A good strategy to take when using cable ties is to place a tie at one-foot increments. This turns the cables into one thick bundle that is organized and that won’t knot or tangle.

If any of the cables end at their device sooner than the others then let that one run free but continue cinching the remaining cables together. Overall, cable ties make keeping your cables organized a breeze.

A Good Surge Protector

Another great investment you should make for home organization and your entertainment center is a good surge protector. A good strategy is to stick to one surge protector per outlet for the best results.

If you try to use more surge protectors than that per outlet then you’re asking for your circuits breakers to stop working. It could also potentially start an electrical fire in your home.

A good starting point for a surge protector to go with your entertainment center is one that is well-designed and large enough to handle all of your devices easily.

Try to find a power strip with multiple sideways-facing outlets for your convenience when plugging things in. It also isn’t a bad idea to try to find an outlet that has USB inputs for charging phones or running other devices.

It is also perfect for running smaller devices like a Chromecast or Firestick if you’re a family that enjoys streaming your television, movies, and sports.

It isn’t necessary to break the bank on a power strip, but try to find a recognizable brand that has enough outlets to accommodate all of your devices.

Universal Remote

This is an especially important item if you have multiple devices that you’re running in your entertainment system, like a sound system and a television.

A good universal remote will help you to control all of your different devices that make up your entertainment system in your home theater. You’ll have total control of all of your devices from one remote rather than sifting through multiple remotes every time you want to change anything.

Some entertainment systems will even let you control all of the different devices through your smartphone or tablet for easy access. It might cost a bit, but it is well worth the investment if you plan to use your entertainment system on a regular basis.

Controller Storage

If you or someone in your family enjoys playing video games then you’ll likely need some storage for game system controllers. It is best for home organization if you have a compartment in your home theater where the controllers go when they’re not in use.

A good approach to take for controller storage is to use a controller charging stand. This will keep your controllers charged and ready to go whenever you need to use them.

Take Your Cable Management to the Next Level

Nothing is more annoying or frustrating when putting together your home’s entertainment center than loose or exposed cables. Cable management is just as important as having the right equipment for your home theater. You must draw a comparison between hdmi cable over cat6 sydney to make a wise buying decision. 

Using equipment like a floor grommet and cable ties helps to keep your cables organized and out of the way. You should also consider getting a universal remote to control all of your home theater devices.

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