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The concept behind manufacturing industrial glues

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Glue is a sticky substance used to stick two things together. Later people found out that the glue can also be used to make from boiling the feet of animal, cartilage, skin, and bones. Some strong glues are made from the fish body includes skin, tendons, bones, and feet.

The manufacture of industrial glue can be done by obtaining the tissues and bones of the animal include tanneries, meat, and slaughterhouses. Glue can also be obtained from the fish includes ears, tails, skin, and scraps. Glue is not only taken from the body of the fish, but it is also taken from the fleshy sides of the fish. 

Steps involved in the process

Step 1: Rinsing process

First, you have to collect all the parts from an animal like slaughterhouses, tanneries, and meatpacking agencies including the parts of fish include bones, feet, tendons, tails, head, and skin. All the parts are obtained from the animal have to be washed thoroughly for the dirt and dust to removed and have to soak the parts in freshwater until it becomes softened. 

Then, all the hides and materials are to be soaked in a water bath with some quantity of lime with them for making the material swells and not to cause any breakdown. The materials should be washed in large size of washing machines and have to rinse completely. You should avoid the use of weak acids.

Step 2: Breakdown process

 All the Materials which were obtained from the animals are to be cooked in a hot water until protein from the meat to be released fully and it should get breaks down to the glue form. After all the treatment processes got over, we can able to collect the glue material.

Step 3: Extraction process

The glue liquid should resemble jelly material after the breakdown process, and all the impurities have to be extracted. This extraction process can mainly be done by two methods; they are:

  1. Mechanical method
  2. Chemical method

Step 4: Adding additives

The exact color of the glue is imprinted by adding some additives to the mixture. The color of the glue includes a clear white and brownish color.

Step 5: Hardening process

After the coloring process got over, glue needs some liquid to be hardened. Extraction of water can be done in many ways as mentioned below:

  1. Drying process
  2. Chilling process
  3. Addition of beads process

Step 6: Monitoring process

The monitoring process must be done very carefully by using sensors, temperature sensing devices, safety measures and extraction of dirt, dust, impurities.

Step 7: Mixing, coloring and drying process:

All the materials should dissolve in solvents, and then it is mixed with the HCl acid for the removal of minerals, calcium phosphate. After the removal of acids, the glue liquid is colored and dried.

Step 8: Packaging process

The packaging is done with the help of well-equipped machines.

Final thoughts

As per the above-detailed description of the manufacturing process of industrial glue, you can expand the level of knowledge against this topic.