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The Different Types of Bathroom Layouts That Homeowners Love Today

So it’s time to remodel your home (or, if you’re lucky, build a whole new one!). You’ve decided to work on your own personal oasis: your brand new custom bathroom. 

This home renovation project is going to be a challenge, and the bathroom renovation is no exception. You’re working with limited space and there are several bathroom layouts to choose from. 

Are you looking for something high-end and spa-like, or are you trying to modify a small residential bathroom without intruding on the rest of the home? 

We’re here to help you make some tough decisions by talking about a few popular home bathroom layouts and why they may (or may not) work for you. Read on to learn more. 

Layout Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When you have a small bathroom, and you don’t have the room to extend it even with the best bathroom remodel company, you’re limited in what you’re able to do. 

That said, there are a few modifications that you can make to make your bathroom “flow” or at least work in a way that makes sense in your home. 


Tiny bathrooms have to be efficient. This is for the bathroom that looks more like a motel bathroom. There’s not a lot of space to work with, but you’re making the most of what you have.

There are a few ways to go about this.

For the truly tiny restrooms, things tend to go side-by-side. When you open the door, you see the vanity right away. This means that the toilet is off to the side which may make some homeowners happier. No one wants to see the toilet right away.

The toilet and tub are side-by-side as well, but the toilet almost “hides” beneath the view of the vanity.

For longer bathrooms instead of wider ones, the door opens right onto the toilet. While this isn’t ideal for aesthetics, it is more space-efficient. The door, when open, hides the vanity, and the bath lines the opposite wall. 

Privacy Walls

If you have a small bathroom that’s shared between you and your guests, having a privacy wall is great. While it isn’t a full door, it blocks the toilet and shower from sight so your guests see it as more of a powder room right away. 

In a setup like this, all of the plumbing items are side by side. The divider goes between the edge of the vanity and the toilet. 

Layout Ideas for Large Bathrooms

Large bathrooms have more flexibility. If you’re fixing up your master bathroom, get creative. These are just a few popular options for large bathrooms. 

The Tub Is Center-Stage

This is a more modern design, but it’s not uncommon in high-end restrooms. It’s perfect when you have a window that’s centered on your bathroom wall (that you can cover with a nice window film, of course).

A large tub that’s unattached from the wall sits right in front of that window in its own space. It becomes the central point of the bathroom. This is great for people who love circular tubs or claw-foot tubs. 

The vanity goes along one side of the wall while the other side has storage and a shower. As long as you have enough room, this is still an efficient bathroom layout despite the extra luxury. 

Vanity Takes Priority

If you share your master bathroom with another person, it’s likely that you need more vanity space. Start by installing an extra sink (sometimes called “his and hers” sinks) and expanding your counter and cabinet space to match. 

The vanity is the main event here, so you’d likely want to complement it with a large and well-lit mirror. 

The rest of the restroom is going to be understated. You may have a standard tub/shower combo on one side of the bathroom while the other side has the toilet. 

This makes the restroom feel more spacious and gives you plenty of storage space. 

L-Shaped or Rectangular?

When you have a spacious bathroom, you can decide whether you want it to be L-shaped or rectangular. Both of these options have pros and cons.

Most bathrooms are rectangular from the get-go. It’s an efficient design and it works well with plumbing. 

L-shaped bathrooms, however, give you more privacy and may give you more space. If you’re sharing a bathroom in the morning, and you like to have privacy, an L-shaped bathroom allows one person to get ready at the vanity while the other is taking a bath or shower. A small divider gives both people the space that they need to get ready.

Alternative Bathroom Layout: Side-by-Side

This is sometimes referred to as a “Jack and Jill” bathroom. It’s not really large or small because it’s a style all its own. 

For this bathroom, you divide a full bathroom into two small ones. One door leads to a small room with a sink and perhaps a cabinet while the other room leads to a bathing area or a toilet.

You can move the toilet into the hand-washing area and keep a bathing area in the second room if you wish, but if it’s a powder room situation, separating the toilet and the hand-washing area is great for when you have guests.

There Are So Many Bathroom Layouts to Choose From

This is only a small list of potential bathroom layouts. Start sketching out what your ideal bathroom would look like and contact local remodeling companies to talk through your ideas.

Make sure to get some great bathroom inspiration so you can have your dream bathroom in no time.

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