Thursday, June 13

The Different Types of Rug Shapes, Explained

Did you know that the market for rugs and carpets will reach over 138 billion by 2026? The demand for these home decor pieces increases due to their ability to transform spaces. They are also popular for the luxury, warmth, and comfort they add.

If you want to decorate your home or apartment, you may be looking for trendy rug ideas. Selecting suitable rug shapes will help you achieve the desired aesthetic. It also complements your interior decor and highlights specific spaces.

Here, we cover the various rug shapes available in the market today. We’ll also discuss the benefits of each and explain how to select the right one.


Rectangular is among the most common and popular types of rug shapes. It’s suitable for large floor spaces like living rooms and dining areas. You can also place a rectangular-shaped rug in hallways and entrances.

Since rectangular area rug shapes are the oldest, they can give your home a traditional feel. Still, you can create a modern aesthetic using 3D options.

The key pro of rectangular rugs is that they blend in well in most spaces, irrespective of the furniture arrangement. They are also available in many colors, materials, and patterns.


Round rugs are the perfect choice for contemporary rooms. Still, you can use them to create a rustic feel by selecting a print pattern.

Since such type of rug shapes are less common, they can make your home stand out. Other benefits of round rugs are:

  • You can mix several sizes to create a polka dot effect
  • They are perfect for layering a room
  • Round rugs can draw attention to a small area in a large room
  • They can make a room look bigger since they occupy less space

Get a bright or neutral-colored round rug to brighten up a space with dark furniture. Alternatively, select a dark-colored one to tone down a room with bright-colored walls and fixtures.

The most common materials for round rugs are wool, silk, and cotton. Still, some vendors sell hide rugs that are long-lasting and unique. If you would like to get such a rug, have a look at various interesting patterns.


Oval-shaped rugs will give your home a cozy and elegant feel. While they are most suitable for living rooms, you can also use smaller pieces to transition spaces.

For example, place an oval rug in your dining area to differentiate it from the living room. Such a piece will make the space look more extensive and organized.

One reason oval rugs are popular is they keep your furniture in place. You can identify when your couches or tables are not in the correct area with such a carpet.

Buy an oval rug if you want to give your home a traditional style. However, ensure you pick rug colors and prints that blend or complement the room’s theme.

Pick the Most Suitable Rug Shapes for Each Space

Learning about various rug shapes allows you to understand their suitability based on your home’s design and the look you want to achieve. Further, it simplifies determining how to choose a rug shape for each space.

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