Wednesday, June 19

The Top Trending Floor Colors in 2022

Home remodeling has been on the rise since 2019 and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. In fact, annual remodeling spending is expected to increase by 9% in 2022.

The new year is the perfect time to start remodeling your outdated home starting with the floors. What are the most trending floor colors for this year? There is of cause one of the best options – Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring, which is sort of wood flooring on another level, that is durable.

Keep reading to find out.

Smoked Wood

Floor colors like smoked wood flooring have a stronger color and grain than traditional wood. Most hardwood floors get their rich color from staining, but these wood floors are perfect without the need to stain.

The wood undergoes a smoking process that involves placing wood in a chamber where ammonia gets released into the air. The wood reacts to ammonia and creates a color change.

The final look depends on a few factors but it tends to be more attractive than stained hardwood floors.

Bleached Wood

Wood flooring colors are always popular and the same goes for 2022. The best floor style for those who want a softened look is bleached wood.

This wood undergoes a bleaching process to get its color. A chemical solution is applied to the surface of the wood to remove artificial staining.

This whitewashing technique gives the wood an ash white look but still shows the natural wood grain. Bleached wood is usually an expensive option but vinyl is a good middle ground.

A vinyl flooring company can give you the look of real wood without the hefty price tag.

Weathered Wood

Weathered wood is not a new flooring style, but it is an increasingly popular one. Worn floors go through artificial aging and styling processes that portray a slightly worn finish.

If you want a rustic look in your home, this is one of the top floor designs. Different measures are taken on hardwood floors to get the desired look.

If you don’t want wooden floors, you can try other worn options like microcement or concrete.

Vintage Black and White

Vintage floor colors like black and white are making a comeback in 2022. New black and white tiles are luxurious and graphic.

If you want a unique touch to your floors, this vintage feel will do the trick.

Natural Colors

A lot of homeowners are decorating their houses with natural tones and nudes, so why should the flooring be any different?

The sustainable homeowner wants to find ways to bring the outdoors inside so the natural color trend is expected to continue. The simplicity and comfort of natural wood will never go away.

With these floors, you’ll get a sense of luxury and relaxation at the same time.

Floor Colors to Consider for 2022

The new year is here and with that comes new beginnings. Don’t wait any longer to switch out your outdated flooring.

It’s no surprise that wood flooring colors are in because wood continues to be a top choice for homeowners. If you want to get more creative with your flooring, you can opt for vintage black and white.

No matter what you choose, use this guide as a reference to help you make a decision on your floor colors. For more home renovation articles like this, check out the other posts on our blog.