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The Very best Solutions for Door Installation

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There are two options whether it is a PVC, aluminum or wooden entrance door, the one known as under renovation and the one with total removal. Note that depending on the material it will be more or less easy to install the front door. In any case, prefer to be accompanied by a professional to help you handle the door during the final installation. Indeed, the product can be easily damaged if it is not handled in the rules of the art. For more on this visit https://www.kinginstallation.com/ now.

Installation during renovation

The renovation of an entrance door consists of installing the new door on an existing frame. You will therefore not change the door frame. This installation is faster, usually it only takes half a day to get the job done as you won’t have major finishing work.

Obviously, it is only recommended if the door frame is in very good condition. The professional services have been supporting individuals for 30 years for the renovation of tailor-made joinery. By using our services, you will get a personalized quote for the installation of your entryway renovation.

New installation

The complete removal installation represents a replacement of the entrance door and its frame. It is therefore a matter of installing the whole assembly as new, which allows the passage dimensions to be kept. The disadvantage when you carry out this installation alone are the important finishing work to be done to avoid damaging the walls surrounding the door. This is why we insist on the importance of going through a professional.

Tools for installing your front door

The installation of your front door requires many tools. If you are a DIY enthusiast, perhaps you will be sufficiently equipped.

Prepare the door: They first check the dimensions to be sure not to have any unpleasant surprises during installation. The installation is prepared by protecting the floor of your entrance. The leaf is detached from the frame by temporarily placing the barrel in the door leaf and operating the handle. The new frame is released by unhinging it and removing the barrel and its key.

Installation of the frame: It is also called frame, it must fit perfectly into the table. Various adjustments are necessary before its removal.

Installation of the frame: the 4 fixing brackets are fixed, by digging or releasing around each bracket, the masonry is reached. This marks the location for drilling. The job is done using a perforator. The professional sets up a sieve and then injects a chemical sealant. He pushes in a threaded rod and then lets it harden. The frame is finally placed then the legs are bolted to the rods.

Fit the door: the cylinder is fitted by following the instructions given by the manufacturer. The door is then mounted, the leaf on its hinges, opening and closing are checked.

Achievement of finishes: using a mortar fill in the holes in the masonry and then let dry.

Airtightness test: final phase, a gun with sealing putty to make the seal around the perimeter of the door. The joints are finished by hand to smooth everything out.

Your front door is now installed!