Monday, June 24

Things to Look for Before Choosing a Lawn Mowing Service

If you’re dead set on appointing someone to trim your lawn, you’ve hit a hurdle: how do you understand you’re employing a great company? Due to the obvious industry’s distributed nature, it’s even more difficult in the outdoor care sector. As a result, there is a great deal of variation between businesses. Some are incredible. Some are atrocious. How would you recognize them off from each other? Here are some answers you should look for:

Things to look for when hiring a lawn mowing service:

Here are a few other helpful hints to keep in mind when looking for a lawn maintenance service this spring.

License and insurance:

It is essential to be certified and insured. However, this is not the norm. I’m sure you know someone who goes for lawn maintenance under the desk. It’s rather frequent. You could even do that yourself. We believe you should discontinue this behavior for a number of reasons. Firstly, if they’re certified and bonded, you understand they’ve made a career out of becoming an expert. They aren’t just looking for fast cash on the sideline. Two, and maybe most crucially, if they are wounded on your premises, you will very certainly be held accountable. Furthermore, if their lawnmower throws a rock into your house, their insurance will not compensate for the damage. Believe us when we say that you should hire someone who has certification and insurance.

Equipment maintenance:

Inquire about the company’s machinery maintenance procedures. Do their tools and equipment include service records? Do they regularly hone their rotors? A few problems may arise when they do not maintain service records on their gear. One example is unexpected failures, which might lead to improper servicing schedules. Sharpening mowing rotors every 8-10 hrs of use is recommended. Blunt blades can harm the grass, causing it to look ragged and discolored. A specialist can recognize the distinction between sharper and dull lawn blades.

Are they part of a trade organization or professional?

While there is no question that there are quite a plethora of lawn maintenance experts who may not join to trade associations, those who do are a rare species. Why? Because becoming a part of an industry association indicates that they are dedicated to their job. They’ve made a commitment to lifelong learning. They have agreed to adhere to the yard maintenance industry’s requirements. Check for yard maintenance firms that are members of state bodies, as well as those that are members of national organizations such as PLANET.


It is customary in this sector to request extended agreements. Don’t be shocked if your yard care service requests this. Nevertheless, we are opposed to this behavior. Sometimes they’ll allow you to depart without the need for an agreement if you need to. Or at minimum, inquire about a free trial. Good businesses will make accommodations. They’ll make certain that their excellent job will enjoy you paying.

What services they are offering?

Having one business trim your lawn, another handle your shrubs, and still another pick weed growth and manicure your garden beds is a nuisance. Before conducting a deal with a firm, definitely ask what solutions they provide. This is particularly applicable if you’re about to sign an agreement. You don’t need to be calling another lawn care business later this season since your yard worker won’t cut the hedges.

Customer service:

Any lawn mowing service that provides excellent customer service appears to be a rare find these times. It’s difficult to receive a quote. Signing up is a pain. It’s significantly harder to change services or complete specialized tasks. Many businesses are chaotic, and you’ll waste a lot of time running phone tag. Into this situation, search for a firm that has an administrative assistant or owner-operator who can always answer quickly and appropriately. Search for a yard care firm that is technologically advanced, accessible via email/social networks, and, ideally, employs lawn care appointment and invoicing software.

Final thoughts:

There are many flops in the sector, as in any other. However, there are several fantastic, attentive, and dependable lawn care firms out there too. What characteristics do you seek for in a superb lawn mowing service? Do you really have other nightmare stories or negative experiences to share?