Wednesday, April 17

Three Color Ideas for Your Floors

What do all visitors immediately view when first stepping into your home? Floors, floors, floors! Once you’ve made the decision for the type of flooring you want to use in a space, color is the next opportunity to be creative as you design your décor. Since the floors make up such a large part of your home, you’ll want to make sure you have clean-looking floors that match with each room.

There are numerous selections for the right floor colors. Material definitely plays a role, but color is what makes the whole scene. The color of the floor brings out all the other decorations, making the furniture pop and sunlight gleam against it. Here are three great color ideas for your home’s floors:


Busy flooring is created with multiple similar colors. Most busy flooring brings together 2 to 3 different yet related colors, blending in with the variety of furniture, cabinets, and decorations. This type of flooring can either be patterned or random.


The opposite of a busy flooring, solid is just one color or a one-color variant. If you want a simpler home with nothing too showy, a solid flooring color will round everything up neatly and cleanly, not taking attention away from the other great design choices. The goal is to have furniture and decorations that won’t be overshadowed by hectic flooring.

Light vs. Dark

When choosing between a darker or lighter color, you’ll want to compare it to the rest of your house, so any other elements of your design won’t clash with your floors. However, either color shade will work, depending on your preference and the rest of your home design. Choosing a darker color doesn’t always hide dust. If you are looking to hide dirt or any sort of imperfection, a medium tone is the way to go.

The color of your flooring heavily depends on the style you’re going for. If you want a rustic scene, you’ll choose darker colors. If you want a bright and modern style, lighter colors will work best. The wonderful people at US Design Source can help you with flooring decisions and all your home design needs. Their experienced staff can create a special room or an entire home. Surrounded by samples and choices in their 10,000 square foot Design Center, they will assess your home and find the most fitting materials, colors, and more. Contact them today for more information!