Wednesday, June 19

Three Creative Custom Design Ideas to Decorate Your Teen’s Bedroom

Do you need help with your teen’s bedroom design?

As your children grow up they start to develop their style and personality. They’ll be begging you to decorate their room so the old one doesn’t embarrass them in front of their friends. But teens are fussy customers, so you might worry about creating a room they’ll approve of.

Don’t worry, we can help with that! Keep reading for these custom design ideas your teen is sure to love.

1. Make the Room Multipurpose & Functional

This should be a pad where your teen can go hang out with their friends. It’s also a place they need to sleep in and do their homework in too.

Add in these areas to complete the full teen room interior design package:

  • Cozy sleeping area
  • A custom study zone
  • An area to chill with their friends

To add that unique touch, here are some customer ideas you can make yourself:

  • A desk with vertical storage space above and below it
  • Magnetic dry erase, cork or chalkboards to notes and reminders
  • A small bench at the bottom of the bed for storage and seating
  • A rug with large throw pillows for a cost hangout spot
  • A corner bed with draped fabric from the ceiling to lounge and sleep in
  • An ornate headboard decal to add interest to the wall

One of the most common items teens ask for is a poster of themselves and their friends for their wall. This is a chance to get creative and bring your teen in on the project and work together.

If your teen is one of the thousands going through that ‘band’ phase, go a step further with a custom album cover. They can hang it on the wall and show it off as something to be proud of.

2. Use Bold Customer Wallpaper

The ideal teen room will be vibrant and bold, bursting with energy and personality. Room decorations like the wall coverings go a long way to achieve this vibe.

Here are some great ideas for wall coverings that will make an impact:

Design apps and design tools will help you create your own custom wallpaper. Again, this is a great chance to bring your teen onboard and collaborate together.

3. Custom Storage Solutions

As much as we love them, it’s safe to say our teens are good at tidying and organization. Smart custom storage isn’t going to be on the top of the list, but it’s something they’ll thank you for.

This is a great way of making use of weird spaces that otherwise would go unused. You can build custom storage in the form of dressers in the eaves or Plastic Shelving at the side of a chimney.

You can also make built-in storage around the bed or under it. Consider storage benches and ottomans that double up as seating. Or even a window seat that will be the perfect reading nook.

The options are almost limitless and can it can add a uniqueness to your teen’s room their friends won’t have. Get them involved and find out what they’re struggling to store away so you can fix that issue.

Custom Design Ideas Your Teen Will Love

To create custom design ideas for a teen’s room you need to think about the use of the space. It’s not only for sleeping, it’s got to serve a few different purposes.

Most important though is to get your teen involved and make them part of the process. You don’t have to use all their ideas, but this will be their space after all.

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