Tuesday, May 21

Three Factors to Consider When Picking Wall Sconces

Wall sconces add a stylish light to a room and offer an accent piece to highlight the space. They come in various styles; however, when picking one, you must consider a lot of factors like shape, size, overall design, and material. Wall sconces are not made equal, so you must what exactly to look for. If you are trying to find the best wall sconce, you should explore Mitzi lighting options. Here are considerations to keep in mind:


Wall sconces are made to create various light effects, so they come in various sizes and shapes. This is the reason you need to think about the type of effect the light needs to have on a room. The following kinds of wall sconces can alter a room’s appearance and feel:

  • Uplight wall sconces. With this type, light is directed towards the ceiling, creating an upward light effect. It can make a room look bigger than it is.
  • Downlight. This provides a room with a downward wash of light. It will ground the room to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. 
  • Up/Downright. These sconces provide walls with a uniform wash of light in upward and downward directions. They offer a more balanced feel to a room as light is evenly distributed.


As you find wall sconces, you should consider your home’s existing décor and the style of sconce that can improve and compliment it. Also, wall sconces are available in 1-light, 2-light, and 6-light options. Assess the room’s décor style to narrow your search down easily. You should also focus on the kind of finishes found within the space such as plumbing, hardware, and appliances to ensure your wall sconce matches them.


If you want to hang at least two wall sconces, think about their dimensions and how far they are from one another. Your sconce’s positioning depends on where and how it is being used. 

  • Bathrooms. If you want to hang a wall sconce in your bathroom, place them on every side of your bathroom mirror to give your face nice, even lighting. Also, place your wall sconces 65” to 70” from the floor. 
  • Living areas and hallways. If you want to use wall sconces to give general lighting in your dining room or hallway, ensure you space them 4’ to 6’ apart. Also, hang them up to five feet from the floor. Make sure the fixture’s bulb cannot be seen by anyone of an average height.