Wednesday, June 19

Tips for Choosing Bar Stools for Restaurants

Opening a new restaurant or renovating an existing establishment can be very exciting. It gives business owners the chance to create a unique dining experience that expresses the values of the company and offers patrons a chance to try something new. Attention to detail is key when it comes to designing floor plans and interior decor, so this article will focus on one seemingly small decision: how to choose the right Restaurant Bar Stools.

Get the Height Right

Standard bar stools are 30″ tall. They’ll be a good fit for most prefabricated commercial bars. Restaurant owners who want to use bar stools at their tables will need to pay some extra attention to stool height, though. If the surface is particularly high, extra tall stools measuring 34-36″ might be a better fit.

Choose the Right Style

Bar stools come in many styles, but not all of them are ideal for restaurants. When deciding on a style, make sure it will match not just other exterior furnishings and decor, but the restaurant’s unique style and purpose. Consider customer demographics when deciding on back styles, stool construction, materials, and seat styles to make sure they will be able to accommodate the average patron.

Pay Attention to Color Scheme

Most styles of bar stool are available in a wide range of colors. Wood stools also come with different stain color options. Make sure the colors fit in with the restaurant’s overall color scheme. If the establishment already has an established brand, consider buying stools that fit with the brand colors. Otherwise, take a look at the wall colors, the tables, and the restaurant’s decor to make sure everything in the establishment creates a unified color scheme.

Choose Materials Carefully

Most bar stools feature vinyl and metal for easy cleaning, but that’s not always the best option for restaurant owners. Upholstered wood bar stools may be a better fit for more elegant restaurants. High-quality upholstered stools tend to be more comfortable, as well, which can be a benefit if patrons will be spending entire meals sitting in them.

Durability Concerns

It’s not always possible to tell how durable bar stools will be just by looking at them. Keep in mind that restaurant stools are manufactured to different standards than those intended for home use, so they’re more durable, and often more cost-efficient. Find a manufacturer that focuses on producing commercially rated stools and ask the vendor about stool construction and durability prior to making a purchase when buying online.

Fixed vs. Free-Standing Stools

At busy bars and cafes, floor-mounted stools are commonplace. They’re less common in restaurants that offer long-term seating for patrons, and there’s a reason for that. Floor-mounted stools can’t be moved should a larger party come in and they’re not ideal for seating at individual tables. It’s better to buy free-standing bar stools for restaurants.

Final Thoughts

The restaurant’s patrons will likely be spending a good deal of time enjoying their meals. Make sure the dining experience is as pleasant as possible by purchasing high-quality stools that are both comfortable and durable enough to withstand almost constant use.