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Tips For Saving Lumber From Insect Pests

Wood Boring Insects and Beetles | Western Exterminator

In construction, you can’t do without lumber. They are used to make floors, window frames, doors, and even build houses ultimately. But wood also has its drawbacks. She is afraid of fire, subject to decay, and insects can destroy her. Purchasing lumber and receiving a whole farm of bark beetles as a gift is an entirely realistic scenario. After reading the article from guardian pest control, you will learn what wood pests can threaten lumber, how to deal with them, and how to protect them from their harmful effects.

Some insects not only live in the tree but also feed on wood. In doing so, they make holes in the forest called wormholes. In addition to disturbing the texture of the wood, bacteria and fungi penetrate through the wormholes, moisture penetrates. All this speeds up the process of wood destruction. By protecting wood from insects, we should not only help to preserve its structure but, at the same time, protect it from decay.

Types Of Wood Pests

Cashel, termite, bark beetle – is the name of our most essential enemies who can spoil the most expensive wood. Insects, if not removed in time, can eat up an entire wooden house. Even if the purchased lumber initially was not contaminated, bugs can start in it over time.

Cashel, known by its other name – woodcutter, popularly called the grinder beetle. The danger is not the beetle itself, but its cubs – the larvae. With powerful jaws, they grind wood fibers, extracting nutrients from them.

Bark beetle. This beetle prefers areas of the trunk directly under the bark.

Termite, he’s a white ant. Ants live in huge colonies and are distinguished by a clear military organization of the team. And if such an army chooses a house as a dwelling, you will not get around the trouble with them. Like real scouts, termites secretly creep up to a wooden housing, building imperceptible underground communications. Driving up the foundations of the house, they will be invisible for a long time. For more tips on this, guardian pest management is sure to help you.