Thursday, April 18

Tips on How to Take Care of an Aluminium Door or Window

Aluminium doesn’t look like an expensive material, but you’ll be surprised by how versatile and durable it is. There’s a reason why aluminium is found in a window, door, and even shower screen in Singapore. Few materials can withstand the same pressures of aluminium at its price point.

If you do decide to use aluminium, though, be warned. Aluminium may look low maintenance, but if you want to preserve its look, there are a few care and maintenance tips that you might want to follow.

Here are a few tips for taking care of an aluminium window or door in Singapore.

1. Clean your aluminium frames regularly.

You don’t have to do a deep clean every day for your aluminium frames to stay clean. A simple wipe down once in a while and a thorough cleaning once a month is sufficient.

2. Don’t use abrasive materials to clean the aluminium.

Things like steel wool and cleaners with tough bristles can leave your metal frames with scratches. On things like an aluminium sliding door in Singapore, this can look obvious. Using softer sponges can get the job done.

3. Use cleaning lubricants on moving parts.

Sliding and other moving parts have metals that can rust and corrode. You can easily prevent this by using silicone-based lubricants protecting those moving parts.

4. Use safe chemical cleaners on your aluminium frames.

Cleaners with harsh chemicals can damage the metal parts of your frame. It’s better to use milder cleaners on aluminium doors and windows.

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