Tuesday, May 21

Tips To Decorate Dining Table With Table Runner

If you wish to give a new look to the dining table or set the table for a different occasion or special meal, table runners are the amazing table linens to start with. A table runner refers to a long cloth piece that is placed on a bare table or table cloth for decoration purpose.

Decorating Dining Table with Table Runners

The table runner is the best decoration items that come in a variety of different fabrics, colours and sizes. The different table runner sizes make it suitable to fit on a coffee table, small dining table, or even a long dining table. Here are few ways you could use the table runner for decorating the dining table

  • Lengthwise Placement

Traditionally, people used to place the table runners lengthwise in the table’s centre while some part hangs down over edges. You could also place it lengthwise so that it covers nearly one-third part of the tabletop. You could even try other looks, for instance, in case you have the long rectangular table, you could use the two table runners lengthwise and set them a bit away from the edges. This way you could place centrepieces between two runners.

  • Widthwise Placement

Placing the short table runner Widthwise across the table is also a wonderful arrangement. To give an amazing look, you could place the runner against each diner’s seat. In case the dining table is long, placing the short runner widthwise would serve as a divider for every finer.

  • Table Runner with Tablecloth

Another amazing way is using both table runner as well as coordinating table cloth with some decorations. Ensure you use the runner whose pattern or colour contrasts with the tablecloth so that it stands out.

In case you have a circular table, consider placing the matching runners in the ‘X’ position across the table. This would look amazing. If you wish to buy table runners, Manchester Collection is the right place. The Manchester Collection warehouse has a range of bed linen as well as home décor items.