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Hardwood Flooring Toronto is one of the most popular and elegant floorings there could be. Each wood has its unique look, and it adds to the décor of the room. Just like every other flooring, hardwood flooring also requires maintenance and Water Damaged Hardwood Floors Resurfacing Summit WA. Most of the time, the dirt leaves behind scratches, which becomes visible. The flooring, which has been made out of wood, is prone to scratches and discoloration. To keep the floor shiny and in pristine condition, you must take good care of it. Taking care of the hardwood floor is a lot different from other floorings. Here are some tips that can help you maintain your hardwood floor and increase its life. Visit here for more options:

Protect your floor from UV rays

The ultraviolet rays can fade away the beautiful sheen of the hardwood flooring and cause discoloration. To protect the floor from discoloration, you could close the curtains when you aren’t using the room. There is also an option to install awnings or protective films on the glass fixtures, which can block the UV rays from entering even if you have opened the shades.

Redecorate your room now and then

The furniture and rugs cover parts of the Mirage hardwood flooring portland or. This covering can cause uneven discoloration of the wood. This can easily be prevented by moving the larger pieces of furniture now and then. If you don’t want to do that, you could always shift the furniture or the rugs a few feet.

Have a daily cleaning schedule

Cleaning the floor regularly is very important as it helps to remove the heavy dust particles. You could dust the floors with the help of a microfiber mop or cloth. This removal of heavy dust particles prevents scratching of the floor surface. You could also use a soft broom to push the dirt out of the room. The static electricity created by the microfiber mop catches the dust and the dirt. Hence, don’t lift the mop while cleaning the floor.

Avoid exposure to extreme heat and humidity.

Whenever any wood is exposed to extreme heat and humidity, it starts to warp. Though the hardwood flooring is usually durable, intense exposure to both can shorten the flooring’s life and cause premature wear. Keeping the house at a cooler temperature and reducing the air’s humidity can prevent that from happening.

Get a weekly cleaning schedule in place.

Even when we are carrying out cleaning regularly, there are chances that some places do remain left behind. These places are usually challenging to reach with mops or clothes, and more often, they are the corners of the room. During the weekend, when there is more time, you should clean these hard to reach areas with the help of either vacuums or maps. When you are using mops, you should avoid using too much liquid could damage the flooring. Every month or two, you could polish the floor which would retain the floor’s original shine. This also helps to cover the microscopic scratches.