Thursday, April 18

Top 8 Attic Design Ideas

Did you know that an attic needs to be at least 70 square feet and the ceilings need to be 7 feet tall or higher in more than 50 percent of the attic to be a bedroom? There are some strict regulations in place that you need to know about when you’re looking at different attic design ideas for your home.

There really are limitless options that you can choose to go with when you start your attic renovation, but you should have a concrete idea of what you want to do with your newly repurposed attic.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to find out about eight great attic renovation ideas that you can implement in your own home. Keep reading this article to learn more!

1. Private Studio

If you’ve always wanted a private place where you can focus on yourself then there aren’t many better attic renovation ideas than putting a private studio in your attic. You’ll never need to worry about having a quiet place where you can recharge and refresh yourself when you need to get away.

One of the best attic renovation tips that you should follow when you’re making your private studio is going with relaxing color themes. You should focus on creating an environment that encourages you to relax and take your mind off of areas of your life that cause you stress.

2. Hangout Area

If you have kids then one of the best attic design ideas is to create a hangout space or game area where your kids can rule the roost. Your kids will love that you invested energy into giving them their own space where they can get away and focus on being kids.

Make sure that you have multiple sitting areas that are comfortable and cozy, and don’t forget to add a flatscreen TV for gaming and watching Netflix. Your kids (and their friends) will all know that you’re the parent of the year, thanks to your attic renovation ideas.

3. Home Office

The world is becoming more and more digital each year, and the COVID-19 pandemic has opened the door to working in a remote capacity. If your job allows you to work from home, then you need to consider using your repurposed attic as a home office.

All you’ll need to do is get a desk and a comfortable office chair for your attic, and you’ll have a private and quiet home office area where you can work from home. For a relaxing environment, consider adding a skylight and some plants in your home office.

4. Attic Bedroom

One of the most popular attic design ideas over the years is to turn your home’s attic into an additional bedroom. Not only does this conversion add a ton of value to your home, but it makes the most of the space you have to work with.

Make sure that you add loft insulation boards to your attic renovation to keep the heat in during the winter and keep the air conditioning in during the sweltering months of the year. It is the only sure way to keep your bedroom attic comfortable throughout the year.

5. Children’s Bedroom

If your family is continuing to grow, odds are that you’ll need to start adding bedrooms to your home at some point. What better way to use your finished attic than for an additional children’s bedroom in your home?

It is the perfect chance to incorporate some creativity and fun patterns into your children’s room and help them enjoy a unique space that they can call their own. You can also get creative with your furniture options in the attic bedroom to make the most of the space.

6. Home Gym

It sounds crazy, but repurposing your attic and using it for a home gym is a wonderful use of this extra space. Many people strive to stay fit, and sometimes driving to the gym is a bit of an inconvenience. Putting in your own home gym is a great way to eliminate excuses and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can also include a space for yoga and stretching in your home gym since it is a great place to escape for some peace and quiet after a long day at work. Don’t forget to add some speakers for additional ambiance during your yoga session or your lifting session.

7. Art Studio

If you’re an aspiring painter, then odds are that you’ll want a place in your home where you can really focus on yourself and your passion for painting and drawing. One of the best attic renovation ideas that you can pursue is turning your home’s attic into your own personal art studio.

It is the perfect setting to channel your creativity and practice new techniques. It will add a touch of class to your home. You should also look at adding things live shelves and cabinets to your home art studio to keep it clean and organized.

8. Family Lounge

Sometimes having a living room isn’t enough when it comes to areas where the family can lounge and spend quality time together. If you’re looking to add another space to your home where your family can come together, then you need to consider attic design ideas that turn your attic into a lounge area.

You can use it as a reading nook and put bookshelves in place in your attic along with comfortable couches or daybeds. It is also a great idea to add large windows to increase the natural light in the room and make it a comfortable place to hang out.

Use These Fun Attic Design Ideas for Your Home

Attics often go to waste in homes across the United States, but there are tons of amazing attic design ideas that you should consider implementing with your finished attic. It is the perfect setting for a home office for a remote worker or a home gym for a fitness fanatic. It also makes a wonderful art studio or family lounge area where you can relax and read.

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