Saturday, April 20

Top tips for cleaning your gutters

Clean gutters are essential for avoiding water damage to the foundation of the home, and so rainwater runoff needs to be able to drain away from the building properly. Making sure that the gutters are not blocked can avoid a leaky roof, animal infestations, or in extreme cases, damage to the structural integrity of your home. If you need gutter cleaning in Liverpool,there are many good companies out there like Gutter Guys who offer this service. 

This article will talk you through how to effectively clean your gutters and how to keep them pristine throughout the year.

How often should you clean your gutters?

Generally, to keep your gutters in great condition they should be cleaned around twice a year – once in spring and once in Autumn. You will know if your gutters are in urgent need of a clean if water is overflowing the sides or if pests are present on the gutter.

Only undertake this job yourself if you are confident in cleaning your gutter; there are plenty of professionals who will do this for you at a very cheap rate. Get someone to help make sure your ladder is secure – your safety is vital. A flat stable base for the ladder to rest on is imperative not only to your safety but for effective gutter cleaning. Ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the task. Consider eyewear to protect you from any debris falling in your eye, wear heavy duty boots and long sleeves to avoid scratching yourself on the guttering. 

For easy clean-up, have some tarpaulin on the ground below where you can toss out the debris. Or attach a bucket to the ladder to put the waste in, allowing you to keep both hands free.

What will you need?

Heavy duty gloves are perfect to clear out the leaves and bigger pieces of junk, or alternatively you can use a gutter scoop or trowel in order to remove the refuse. Once this is done you will need to wash out the gutters with a hose. This will dislodge any smaller pieces of debris that may be stuck in the guttering. Many pressure washers have a round brush feature that will allow you to get a deeper clean and really target any waste that is stuck. It is also a good idea to use a cleaning solution – however it is always best to check that you are using something compatible to the material of your gutter.

Once clean, it is the perfect time to check the state of your residential gutters Sioux Falls IA and assess any repairs or sagging gutters. If you are unsure of how to fix these it is best to call in a professional who will make light work of the task.

You will also need to assess the downpipes and ensure that the water is draining through them correctly, in order to avoid any of the issues mentioned above. Once satisfied with these, it is a good idea to use a gutter guard or mesh over the down pipe in order to catch any falling debris in the future and avoid any blockages that could hinder the state of your guttering.