Wednesday, June 19

Turf Installation: 5 Economical and Eco-Friendly Benefits

Did you know that the first major turf installation in the United States of America happened in the AstroDome in the year 1966? Getting synthetic turf installation might bring back memories of the Brady Bunch for older readers, but there are a ton of benefits that come with learning how to install turf.

Working with turf installers gives you an eco-friendly option for your yard. It is a great fit for hot climates that don’t do well with growing real grass. If you’re interested in astro turf installation then odds are that you want to know more about turf installation costs.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn more about turf installation, the benefits it provides, and the cost to add it to your yard. Keep reading to learn more!

  1. You Don’t Need to Water It

One of the best benefits that you’ll get when you invest in turf installation for your home is the savings on your water bill. If you live in a place like Southern California, then odds are that you’d rather save your water for drinking and bathing. 

The only time that you’ll ever need water for the astro turf in your yard is when you’re cleaning it. If you need to clean it, you can use your garden hose and hose it down to remove any dirt.

  1. No Need for Mowing

Another big way that artificial turf for your home is beneficial is that it saves you time and money for mowing. Not only will you not need a lawnmower but you’ll also save money on gas to keep the lawnmower running.

Plastic grass will never grow, which means that you’ll never mow. You can take your Saturday mornings back and enjoy a nice book and a well-earned cup of coffee. Get in touch with to get turf installation for your yard.

  1. Animals Love It

If you have furry family members, then they will love your turf installation. You won’t need to worry about your pets digging holes in the lawn and ruining it because you have turf in your yard. It is a situation where everyone wins.

  1. Looks Great

If a drought comes through, you’ll never need to worry about your lawn turning that ugly yellowish-brown color again. Your turf yard will always look lush and fresh since it isn’t real grass and doesn’t need water.

  1. No Fertilizers Needed

A big cost with keeping your home’s lawn looking pristine is fertilizer. Not only does fertilizer cost money but it also takes your time and energy to encourage the growth of new grass. You’ll never need to fertilize your grass again if you get turf installation.

Consider Turf Installation for Your Home

Getting turf installation might sound a bit outlandish at first depending on where you live, but it provides a ton of eco-friendly and budget-friendly benefits. You’ll never need to water or fertilize it to keep it looking lush and beautiful. It will always look great and your pets will love it.

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