Friday, April 12

Water heater leakage? Fix it without the time and water waste!

Think about it! While going to take a shower in winters and you find that there is a leakage in the water heater, what will you do? You will call the repair mechanic and wait for him, waste your time, and get late for your work. But what if you know how to fix it? Then you can save both your precious time and also the water getting a leak. We will tell you some tips and tricks which you can learn to fix water heater leaking.

Confirming the leakage: First, don’t get panic and shut down all the other water appliances of your home like taps, toilets, fixtures, etc. Then find the water meter at home and give an in-depth check to it and find is meter still showing usage of water inside your home. If there is no leakage, then the meter has stopped moving at this point because the entire water appliances are shut down. But if the meter still shows a movement, then you can assure yourself that there is actual leakage in your home.

Discover what is causing leakage: after confirming that there is a leakage, you have to find out where is actual leakage. To find out wipe your water heater tank, be aware while wiping that tank’s power is shut down, and other protective measures like protective gloves must be wearing. Also, clean the valves and pay close attention to both and see either it is tank or vales making leakage.

  1. Suppose you found leakage in the internal tank of the water heater. Then you don’t need to mess up in repairing it. This type of leakage is the non-repairable only solution for it to get it replaced.
  2. Suppose the leakage is in water connection two pipes, cold water inlet and hot water outlet connected at the top of the water heater. To fix it, you only need a pipe wrench and fasten or tight the loose after shutting the power off.
  3. Suppose you find that the leakage is in the drain valve from where you drain all water from the tank for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The solution to it is the same as water connection pipes; a simple wrench is what you need to tighten it slightly to stop leakage because they get loose with a period.
  4. Another part where leakage occurs very less can be the Temperature and Pressure relief valve. It is a temperature measurement device attached in the water heater to control the excessive heat inside the water heater by checking the water temperature. It automatically lets the steam out of it build up an excessive temperature inside the tank. If it causes leakage in water, then at that time, calling a plumber is a suitable option because you are not only dealing with leakage but also with pressure and temperature issues.


Above written, all the details will help you in fixing the issue of leakage with the water heater. It is very important to fix the leakage as soon as possible. Routine maintenance of the water heater is also to be done to avoid future damages.