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  Ways You Can Choose the Best Door Type and Design

Doors are one of the most important components of any interior design. When choosing them, you need to pay attention not only to the design of the room, but also to its purpose, general style and even the dimensions of the door.

This is especially important for the bedroom, where the visual style and functional elements of the door, will directly affect the quality of the design of the whole room.

Types of interior doors

The first step in the store is to pay attention to the design of the door, and only then, should you decide on the materials, color, additional elements and other decorative components.

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There are many types of doors. However, they can be distinguished by their usage and properties.

Swing Doors

This is the most common type of interior doors. They can open forward and backward, or in other words, inward and outward. The disadvantage of this option is the need for additional, unoccupied space in front of the door.

Some homeowners might be uncomfortable with this option.

Sliding Doors

This is an excellent option for those houses which don’t have the luxury of free space. Such doors move in the plane of the wall, and in some cases they can even hide inside. This is their main disadvantage: if there is no completely free wall next to which the door can enter, then the sliding option will not work.

Foldable Doors

A somewhat averaged solution between the above two varieties.

Folding doors or, as they are also called, “accordions” are suitable if you do not have enough space for opening, and the length of the wall is not enough for arranging a sliding structure.

The key disadvantage of this option is that the doors occupy a certain width of the doorway when they open.

Which doors are suitable for a particular style of interior?

The classic style of the home interior design is considered the most conservative and calm.

It is characterized by regular shapes, symmetry and severity of lines.

There is no room for pretentious decor and bright colors. The best choice would be white doors or solutions with a natural wood shade. For the classic style of bedrooms, sophistication and practicality play a key role.

The best material for interior doors in this case will be wood.

The design of a high-tech bedroom should have a maximum of light and space.

Sliding doors are the best fit here, but swing structures should be abandoned. In accordance with the peculiarities of the design style, the material of the interior doors should be modern, like metal, plastic or glass.

It is better to abandon the decor in the high-tech bedroom or reduce it to a minimum. Any door decoration should be extremely simple with strict lines directed vertically or horizontally.

Provence is the perfect style for swing door lovers. Visually, they are a bit like the classic ones, but only until you start looking into details. There are many artificially aged elements in interior doors for a provence interior, such a canvas with an emphasized wood structure and special paint that imitates antiquity, special glass etching, special processing of fittings, and so on.


If you are not satisfied with the restrained and elegant spirit of modern interior design, then modern country elements of Scandinavia or France can also be considered.

As for the variations of doors, choose one that suit your needs and home capacity.