Wednesday, April 17

What Are the Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home?

Did you know that over 1.5 million permits for private housing units received approval in 2021? The homes will likely be built in 2022 and help meet the high demand for new housing.

Are you considering building a new construction home? Are you unsure of new construction’s benefits compared to other types of homes in the housing market?

The following guide will explain why building a new home is a great decision for a smart homeowner to make. Read on to learn about the advantages of new construction within the real estate market.

Cost-Efficient and Low Maintenance

New construction homes often have lower maintenance and overall monthly costs. They use modern plumbing and energy-efficient appliances like HVAC units.

New homes are built in accordance with the recent building codes and safety requirements. They’re also designed to require less care by the homeowner overall. Fewer repairs and other out-of-pocket expenses save money and time.

Of course, acquiring this benefit starts with selecting the best construction company for the job. Consider a versatile and experienced company like to maximize the efficiency of your new home.

Custom and Modern Floor Plans

New construction homes typically offer a wide-open floor plan and tall ceilings. This gives them a spacious feel and a distinct advantage over existing homes.

They’re also customizable to fit your personal needs and style. It gives you a clean slate and the ability to select flooring types, countertops, paint colors, cabinets, and other fixtures.

Perhaps you want a bigger kitchen space, closet, or master bathroom, but don’t need 4 guest rooms. Modifying floor plans and adding or subtracting floor space from different areas of the home to meet your needs is easy.

Move-in Ready

New homes are perfectly clean when you first move in. There’s no stained carpet to remove, holes to patch, walls to paint, or any other needed repairs.

New appliances also come packaged with many new homes so that you don’t have to worry about shopping for and installing them. This all saves time so you can start enjoying your new home and community immediately.

New Construction Home Warranties

Builders usually offer warranties for new home construction that you can’t get with other home types. Builder warranties often go way beyond other types of typical home insurance.

Most of these warranties cover anything that happens to your new home for a full two years from the purchase date. Contractors usually build multiple homes in the same neighborhood so they’re close and available for repairs.

Consider warranties when selecting a professional contractor to build your home. Compare different companies’ warranties because it might end up being the deciding factor in who you select.

Ready to Build a New Home?

Now you know that a new construction home is cost-efficient, customizable, move-in ready, and offers great warranties. Remember this guide when making your next move and consider building from the ground up.

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