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What Are the Best Kitchen Colors to Paint Your Walls?

Did you know that revamping a kitchen can cost between $11,000-$42,000? If you wonder how to remodel a kitchen without spending this much money, consider painting the walls to create a different and exciting feel.

Selecting the right colors when renovating your home will improve the aesthetic and transform the space. It also allows you to match or complement your furniture and other fittings for a sophisticated look.

Picking the most appropriate shade may be challenging due to the many available options. Read on to determine the best kitchen colors and the effect they create. We’ll also mention some aspects you should consider to ensure you pick one that will invoke the desired mood.

1. Blue

Most kitchens have limited wall space due to mounted fixtures and appliances. Using a bright color like blue can lighten up the space and bring more attention to the wall. Still, it’s advisable to consider the ratio of your wall to the room size to avoid creating an overpowering effect.

Painting experts often recommend blue to create a clean and crisp look in a home. This color also adds a refreshing feeling perfect for preparing family meals after a tiresome day.

When looking for blue shades to use in your kitchen, consider the color of your fixture. In case most of them are bright, opt for dark hue paint.

If you have dark-colored cabinetry and furniture, it’s advisable to opt for cool blue shades. This way, you can accentuate the wall and create a desirable flow.

2. Gray

While homeowners in the past shunned gray color for kitchens, it’s now an iconic option for these spaces.

Get light gray shades if you are looking for paint to give your home a calm and neutral feel. On the other hand, opt for darker ones and complement them with light-colored cabinetry and countertops.

The key benefit of using gray paint in a kitchen is that it pairs well with a wide array of hues. Thus, you will have many choices on the color to paint other areas like your ceiling and fixtures.

From this selection, you can create a modern or traditional feel based on the shade used. You will also avoid the hassle of searching for specific appliance colors since they all blend with gray.

3. White

White is among the most popular colors for various parts of a home, including kitchens. This is due to its ability to match a broad range of fixtures and drapery.

White walls often invoke a feeling of inner peace and relaxation. They also produce a neat and clean look, transforming even the simplest space into a desirable one.

Paint your kitchen walls white to neutralize the rigid feel brought about by dark-colored furniture. Besides, use it to complement bright colored surfaces and create a modern feel.

When picking a white paint color, request a strip and place it against your fixtures and appliances. Taking this step helps you identify the best shade to use. Moreover, if you have other white items in the space, you can pick a similar one to avoid a conflicting effect.

4. Red

When wondering what color to paint kitchen walls for a classic feel, consider red. This option has been popular for many years, thanks to its vibrant and stimulating appearance.

Choose bright red paint if your kitchen has items with neutral colors or undertones. Doing this allows the walls to be the most conspicuous part of the space. If you have bright-colored fittings, go for darker options like currant, scarlet, and cherry for a visually applying blend.

Painting your kitchen walls red is the perfect way to increase appetite. In particular, reports indicate that such a warm color can increase the heart rate, triggering hunger.

5. Yellow

Painting your kitchen yellow can create an energizing vibe, which is suitable for early mornings. Due to its bright appearance, the color pairs well with dark cabinets by highlighting warm wood tones. It also complements fixtures mounted on the wall by allowing them to be more distinct.

If you love cool colors but want to explore brighter options, you may wonder how to paint a kitchen yellow without creating a dramatic effect. In such a case, opt for yellow tones that closely resemble creamy white. This way, you distinguish the space without feeling like it overshadows your décor.

If bright yellow matches your taste, combine it with blue cabinetry for a classic matching effect. You can also use it alongside white counters and chairs to add a pop of color and life.

6. Green

Green kitchen walls bring a calming effect associated with nature. Lighter shades also invoke feelings of freshness, harmony, and growth. Pair your dark-colored cabinetry with stimulating hues like lawn green and aqua.

Alternatively, use darker shades in well-lit kitchens to create a sophisticated traditional feel. You can also match dark green paint with modern fixtures and fittings that have dark wood accents.

If you are unsure about the best shade for your kitchen, it’s essential to contact a professional like Brush Masters XP for assistance. This step can help determine which green is most suitable for your space.

Paint experts will also guide you in selecting the most appropriate kitchen design colors, allowing you to incorporate a broad range of décor.

Best Types of Paint for Kitchen Walls

The suitable paint type for your kitchen walls may differ depending on your needs. Still, the most preferred option for interiors is latex, also known as water-based or emulsion.

This is because it doesn’t have a strong smell that’s often associated with oil-based paints. It also dries within a short period, allowing you to apply several layers in a day.

After painting the walls, you need to pick a finish for a glossy or matte look. It is advisable to select semi-gloss or satin finish for kitchens walls. These options create a nice texture that is easy to clean, stain-resistant, and visually appealing.

However, since their reflective effect highlights imperfections, you should fill gaps and sand down uneven parts before painting.

Spruce Up Your Home With the Best Kitchen Colors

Picking the best kitchen colors transforms your home and gives it a personality. It also guides you in buying decor to highlight and complement your walls for a natural blend.

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