Thursday, June 13

What Are the Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets That Exist Today?

According to the latest Kitchen Trends Survey from Houzz, 89% of home renovators hired a professional to remodel their kitchens last year. If you’re also considering a kitchen remodeling project, one of the most important parts is deciding on the perfect cabinets.

What are the types of kitchen cabinets for your home, and what are the style options you have? Keep on reading to find out about all your cabinet choices for cabinet remodeling naples fl.

Stock and Custom Cabinets

Stock or in-stock cabinets are created by a manufacturer and based on set industry standards for measurements and style. These types of kitchen cabinets come pre-built, meaning they’re ready to install. You can have stock cabinets up in your kitchen within a few days.

The downside to stock cabinets is that they come in limited options, but you can also make them your own with the right hardware. You can buy cabinet handles here to create the perfect finishing look.

Custom cabinets are custom-created to fit your kitchen. They are uniquely designed to fit your specifications, so if you want a certain height or style, you can order them. Rooms that have a strange shape or unusual designs benefit from custom cabinets.

Keep in mind that custom cabinets cost more, and delivery can take longer, but you can achieve the best kitchen layout.

There are also semi-custom options, which have more custom features than stock cabinets and a few more dimension options than stock cabinets.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets by Style

You have a few options for a residential kitchen remodel in terms of style. Here are some of the most common types of kitchen cabinets.


Flat-panel or slab cabinets are a common and popular choice, and you can elevate the style with the right hardware. The slab doors don’t have any frames.

This minimalist style makes a great fit in modern and contemporary kitchens.


Shaker cabinets are the most common style in homes. This style features recessed panels with a clean and simple design. The defining features of this style include the five pieces, which consist of a four-piece frame and a flat panel.

Shaker cabinets work well in traditional homes as well as in contemporary kitchens.


This classic style mimics the look and design of plantation shutters, commonly seen on windows and interior doors. It features wooden slats, and the style is excellent for any kitchen that needs ventilation. If you have cabinets near a radiator, a laundry room, or another area that generates a lot of heat, they may be a good idea.

A similar style is the beadboard cabinet, which has decorative wood paneling and vertical grooves.


This type of kitchen cabinet features an inset door within a cabinet frame. This style requires precise measurements to ensure that the cabinet door opens and closes correctly. Due to this, inset cabinets can get quite expensive.

However, inset cabinets are pieces of fine craftsmanship and can transform the look of your kitchen.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets

Considering the many types of kitchen cabinets on the market, you might want to visit a showroom to see the options in person. This way, you can see how they look and feel and see different hardware choices as well.

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