Wednesday, April 17

What Are the Different Types of Wallpaper That Homeowners Love Today?

Wallpaper is one of the hottest interior design trends of 2022. How can you make it work in your home?

While paint might come in different kinds of finishes and colors, wallpaper has a lot more variety. Beyond patterns, you can also add textures and colors that are hard for paint to reproduce.

What are the types of wallpaper that homeowners love today and how can you use it to update your home? Follow along as we introduce you to your next home renovation project.

Types of Wallpaper

Before we show you how to freshen up your home’s interior, let’s look at the wallpaper types that are on the market right now. The most common types are paper, fabric, and vinyl.

Paper is the original type of wallpaper and comes most often in a matte finish. You’ll need to add glue yourself if you choose to go with paper wallpaper.

Fabric wallpaper is the highest quality of wallpaper on the market. However, it can be difficult to put up and you need to be careful the fabric doesn’t wrinkle during application.

Vinyl is the most popular option. It’s easy to apply, holds up well in humid areas, and is very durable.

Colors and Patterns

Like paint, wallpaper comes in tons of colors and finishes. You can go glossy or matte, bold and bright or subtle and subdued.

Wallpaper patterns these days are more creative than ever. Whatever you’re looking for, you can probably find it printed on wallpaper.

Large patterns can help you fill up a large room to make it feel more welcoming. Wallpaper with larger patterns work well in dining rooms or open concept rooms where they have space to expand.

Small patterns make a place feel cozy and adds pizzazz to a smaller space. For example, this lightning wallpaper would look great in a kid’s bedroom or even a bathroom.

Where to Hang it

We’ve mentioned how to make certain patterns work in certain spaces. Where is the best area to hang wallpapers?

If this is your first time trying it out, you might want to start small. A majority of people say that they would start with the powder room.

When you’re ready to branch out to a bigger space, start with an accent wall first. You can see if the wallpaper you’ve chosen works in the room and if it would look good on all of your walls.

If you’re ready to go bold, why not wallpaper your ceiling? You can’t deny that it’s an eye-catching and interesting use of your space.

Wallpaper Trends and More

Now that you know the different types of wallpaper available and how to use it in your space, we know you’re going to be working on your new project all weekend. This is an easy and fun way to update your home’s interior and add more value to your property.

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