Friday, June 14

What are the Early Symptoms of Water Leakage?


There are many different reasons that lead to water leakage. This is a severe problem that needs to be addressed quickly. When water leakage problems are not addressed, they can incur a high financial loss and health issues to house owners.

The water leakages can damage your infrastructure which will require you to spend a lump sum of money on repair works. It will also lead to the growth of mold which will eventually affect your health when your house is mold-infested.

Hence, it is important to detect the early symptoms of water leakage so that you can do the necessary repair works quickly. 

Increased Water Bill

If the number of family members staying with you didn’t change but there is a surge in your water bill, something is wrong! Start doing simple checks around your house to see if there is any burst pipe. The surge in water bill could be due to excessive water wastage which could be water flowing through the system without your knowledge. This is when you will need to consult a plumber to diagnose the problems. 

Check Your Water Meter

Another way to detect water leakage early is to check your water meter. Shut off the water for all your devices at home including washing machine and dishwasher. If your water meter is still moving, it shows that there is a water leakage somewhere in your house.

Low Water Pressure

When there is water leakage, not all the water will be going to your faucet as some water may be leaked through cracked or damaged pipes, this will result in lower water pressure.

If you are unable to get a steady stream of water regularly, there may be a leak somewhere in the system. It is then time for you to check all water outlets to identify the pipes that are causing the water leakage. Early detection can help you to save costs in water bills and prevent damaging your house with water stains on the floor or walls.

Spots of Mold

There are usually mold spores found in our houses. When they come in contact with water, there will be a speedy spread of mold around different areas of your house. Hence, if you identify mold spots on your walls or floor, there may be a high chance that there is a water leakage nearby. 

This is very serious as the growth of mold can eventually lead to some severe health issues like nasal congestions and breathing difficulties.

Therefore, take note of the different ways on how you can detect your spoilt water pipes early. By doing so, you will be able to do water leakage repair quickly, minimizing the cost incurred.