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What Is a Modular Construction and How Can I Benefit From Buying One?

The materials and supplies shortages of 2020 resulted in increased construction costs of as much as 20%. This has delayed and stopped many construction projects as developers and property owners reconsider their options. For many, the solution could be modular construction.

If you haven’t heard or considered this type of construction, then you’re in luck. This guide will explain what it is and its benefits.

What Is a Commercial Construction Project?

This type of construction method may also fall under the name subdivided construction. These are modular buildings constructed in individual sections off-site. These modules are then brought from the manufacturing site to the building location.

Each piece fits together like a puzzle for a custom design. The result is an affordable yet durable building that gets erected quickly and easily.

Benefits of Modular Construction

There are several benefits to choosing modular construction over traditional building methods. When deciding how your building gets built, consider its size, your timeline constraints, the current weather, budget, and location.

Potential Delays Eliminated

With traditional building methods, there is potential for delays throughout the entire process. A string of inclement weather can put your entire schedule back several days to weeks. Materials shortages can leave you endlessly waiting.

Because of the off-site building of the modules, they can be built in advance; there is a reduced risk of weather or material delays. This ensures you stick to your timeline and meet the final construction completion deadline.

Higher Quality Products

The modules get built in a controlled warehouse setting. This makes it easier to control the quality of the construction materials used and the method used for assembly. The result is reduced wastage and better quality finished product.

Faster Construction Time

Modular construction can greatly reduce this timeline by having multiple phases happen at the same time. While the site prep phase is underway, multiple modules can get constructed at the warehouse. If one phase gets delayed, it doesn’t stop the production of the other phases.

Great Location Versatility

There are some remote locations where traditional construction is impossible. This is when modular construction shines. Instead of building the building on an impossible site, you can build pieces somewhere more feasible and then bring the building to the site.


Modular construction is ideal for adding to a construction project later on. The module design makes it easy to purchase and add modules as your need increases and your budget allows.

A perfect example of this is government housing or schools. As classroom or housing needs increase, you can add on as you need. This lets you add as many or as few as you need.

Consider Modular Construction for Your Project

As you can see, there are several benefits to choosing modular construction over traditional construction methods. If you find yourself with a limited timeline, difficult building site, or growing future needs, then modular construction may be the best option.

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