Friday, June 21

What is factory decommissioning?

Most of you have never heard about factory decommissioning and might not have any idea about what it is. Let’s have an understanding of what is factory decommissioning and how it works. Factory decommissioning is a very complex Programme that involves some steps to carry out all operations regarding decommissioning. This might be similar to project management to ensure some steps are thoroughly maintained and carried out.

Before going out with the process of factory decomissioning, your team needs to review all the information available regarding the processing of the machines, involving the study of extensive on-site surveys that might have a common objective to identify all the components of the machines and processes that must be preserved for the conduct of the operation, to verify the current scenarios of the processing of the industry, and operability of all systems and to employ best practices as well as mitigating the errors and tackling future issues that may arise during decommissioning activities.

This might be complete with some decommissioning phases as are defined in the above paragraphs, and might include refurbishment, installation of treated systems, and treatment stations, dismantling, categorization, and decontamination activities, as well as, evacuation and disposal of resulting materials.
The decommissioning works related to Industrial, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, or Nuclear plants might need a detailed process and just like other demolition works this must be conducted with defined surveying, planning, and management throughout the works. So, the first focus would be on making the decommissioning plan. This plan will define the scope of work and will do risk assessments, method statements, along with a paradigm of the environmental management plan and waste management plan needs to be compiled and agreed upon with the client, as well as, authorities before the commencement of work.

Decontamination and cleaning of industrial equipment

This decommissioning process will also include decontamination and cleaning of industrial equipment such as plants, machinery, equipment, and pipework during the first phase of the work. Once the cleaning and decontamination of the parts are completed then the removal phase of the decommissioning process begins. While going ahead with the removal of decommissioning of the plant, machinery, and equipment to transfer to another facility or plant for re-use, together with the removal process, being intricate to cause no damage.

If the decommissioned plant or machinery needs not to be transferred to another place then these machines are transferred to a licensed recycling and waste facility and will go ahead with the site waste management plan as agreed at the beginning of the project.After continued decommissioning of the machines being completed, a site decommissioning is done as ad when required, with scheduled demolition works of structures or buildings.

This type of decommissioning and demolition works often takes place while remaining a portion of the facility or plant being operational, with high levels of operational and safety procedures being employed and properly taken care of. will help you in all these processes and decommissioning of your manufacturing facility starting from the planning, execution, and handling of all the steps. Let’s do it together and feel the joy of working together.